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wounds 14 Jews as the Iranian-made Katyusha rocket launched from Gaza slammed into supermarket. The hit came at the excellent time when Bush and Rice busied themselves pushing Israel to surrender Judea and Samaria to Palestinians. By now, everyone has forgotten that originally the American Road Map plan was meant to establish Israeli-Arab peace. Now, all Arab states refuse to sign peace with Israel even if she abandons Judea to Muslims.
Condi Rice refused Ehud Barak’s offer of jointly visiting the scene of attack in Ashkelon.
Olmert again announced that Israel would never-ever tolerate the ongoing terrorist attacks.
Various MKs vowed revenge on Hamas even though the terrorist attack was carried out jointly by Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees.

A recent flurry of high-level meetings between Israeli and American bosses cannot be attributable to the fledging peace process, but only to the impending attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities. Bush again held Iran guilty of supporting Iraqi guerrillas through its Hezbollah proxy and upsetting the US-installed “democratic” government of Lebanon.
The entire Israeli government plus president waited to shake Bush’s hand on his arrival in Ben Gurion airport.
Arab MKs boycotted Bush speech in the Knesset.
Prominent rabbis, including Dov Lior and Ovadia Yosef, petitioned Bush to refrain from pushing Israel into the giveaway of Judea and Samaria. Shas greeted Bush with announcement of a minor expansion in Beitar Illit town behind the fictional green line. Hamas reiterated the Arab position that the Palestinian state should eventually include Jaffa (Tel Aviv) and Haifa, the place where Arabs originally constituted majority but Ben Gurion helped them to flee.

Though the investigation against Olmert remains less than clear even for investigators, the main lines of accusations are now evident:

Olmert received money from Jewish American businessmen including such prominent figures as Sheldon Adelson. The money may or may not be tight to Olmert and Likud’s immediate election-time needs. If that is a crime, every Israeli politician should be in jail.
Olmert asked Sheldon Adelson to consider business cooperation with Talansky, a minor supplier for Adelson’s casinos. Such requests are abundant in the Jewish world. Olmert received no money specifically for that favor. Morris Talansky has other business contacts with Adelson besides Olmert, such as Itkis family. Critically, Talansky never paid his own money to Olmert, but only collected funds for him from Jewish Americans including Adelson. It would be odd for Morris Talansky to bribe Olmert with Adelson’s money to procure a favor with Adelson.
The police also revives an old case against Olmert for subsidizing a factory represented by his friend attorney Uri Messer. Just every Israeli minister likewise provides subsidies for his cronies.
A very warm meeting between Bush and Olmert suggests that Olmert won’t be indicted. It is unlikely that the US president would implicate himself by hugging a soon-to-be-convicted criminal.

Egyptian Minister of Culture announced he would personally burn Israeli books should he find some in Egypt’s libraries.
Israel is at peace with Egypt for 30 years.

For some years, Obadiah argues that sky-high bounties for wanted terrorists should be reduced, as common Arabs subconsciously discount the multi-million offers as unrealistic. The US Ministry of Defense reduced the bounty for Al Qaeda leader in Iraq from $10 mil to $100 thousand.

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