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Olmert’s long-time friend and fellow attorney Uri Messer reportedly cooperates with the police investigation against the prime minister regarding the American donations. The money in question were not Moshe Talansky’s but collected by him. It is unknown what part of the money Morris Talansky has pocketed. Thus, Talansky received $90,000 kickbacks as a salary in 2004 for collecting donations for Shaarei Tzedek Hospital. He is not donating his own money for the last decade.
Morris Talansky allegedly passed the money either directly to Olmert or to his secretary Shula Zaken. The funds were to be used for Olmert’s mayoral and the Knesset elections. Both Olmert and Shula Zaken passed the funds to Uri Messer to be spent for campaign purposes.
The transaction is technically illegal, but just every political party and figure in Israel collects unaccounted cash from foreign donors for political purposes. Olmert is also accused of appropriating part of the collected funds for himself. Even if true, that’s also a standard practice among Israel establishment and indeed in every country. The Knesset hypocrites who bring in tons of cash from American donors slammed Olmert for accepting money from Talansky.
Outrageously, the Likud MK’s demand ousting Olmert amid the investigation. It’s not even an issue of “innocent until proven guilty,” long forgotten in Israeli trial-by-media. Olmert isn’t even indicted, and the accusations are murky. But Olmert accepted money collected by Morris Talansky specifically for the Likud! Olmert used the money for Likud election campaigns in Jerusalem and the Knesset.
There are no hints whatsoever that Olmert did anything improper in return for the money.
The statute of limitations for campaign financing crimes had passed.
Uri Messer’s cooperation with the police investigation to implicate Olmert is unlikely, as there is just no reason for Messer to do so. The case would entirely hinge on his testimony, and why would he implicate both himself and Olmert? It is much easier for Uri Messer to deny any wrongdoing as did Olmert during a short press conference following lifting the gag order.
Uri Messer is married to Deputy Attorney General Davida Lachman-Messer, hilariously in charge of tax and corporate matters, the very field of Uri Messer’s purportedly illegal activities as an attorney. That makes is easier for Attorney General Mazuz to press Uri Messer to testify against Olmert.
We received a yet unconfirmed report of Uri Messer suffering an odd traffic incident. A sensible insurer won’t make a policy on his life now.
Rabbi Morris (Moshe) Talansky

Palestinians and Syrians accused Olmert of derailing the suicidal Israeli-Palestinian “peace talks.” The Palestinians denied any substantial progress on the borders, and the Syrians refused severing ties with Iran as a condition of peace with Israel.
Ehud Barak was ready to give up Judea, Samaria, and Jerusalem under virtually no conditions. Netanyahu gave Hebron to Palestinians. But Olmert, a shrewd politician, withstands the immense pressure to surrender Judea, Samaria, and the Golan Heights to Arabs.

Ariel Sharon was proud of the letter from George Bush he received shortly before destroying Jewish villages in Gaza, stating equivocally that Israel is expected to keep large settlement blocs in a peace deal with Arabs.
Under the pressure from their oil-rich Muslim cronies, Bush-Rice seek to abandon the explicit promise. After several White House officials pointed out the low legal status of the letter, Rice declared that any border changes are conditional on the agreement with Palestinians and that the situation today is different from what it has been when Bush gave Sharon the letter. In essence, the promise is abandoned and Rice acknowledged that her efforts made the situation worse for Israel.
US Administration has a history of reneging on its promises to Israel. The 1947 US vote in the UN in favor of creating Israel was revoked in 1948. Eisenhower promised Israel to keep the Tiran Straits open in return for Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai in 1957, but the US didn’t interfere when Egypt closed it in 1967.

On the day that Israeli Jews celebrate the Independence Day, loyal Israeli Arabs, naturally, commemorate their catastrophe. That’s quite a sign of them accepting the Jewish state.
Jordan, a country more sane than the leftist Israel, prohibited its Palestinians to publicly commemorate al Naqba.

The two days of a mini-civil war in Lebanon claimed 11 dead, dozens of casualties. That’s a better result than the average IDF’s day in Gaza.

Water supply to Israeli public and national parks cut by a third. Israel continues uninterrupted, undiminished water supply to the Hamas state of Gaza, to Palestinian terrorists in the West Bank, and to Jordan.

One Sana Elbaz, a Bedouin woman, played a loyal Arab during the Independence Day ceremony, participated in lighting the fire. The next day other loyal Arabs bombarded her house with Molotov cocktails.

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