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As Rabbi Kahane used to say, “Peace between Jews and Arabs would be wonderful. Meanwhile, I’m waiting for peace between Arabs and Arabs in Lebanon. It’s so wonderful to see them all living together: Hezbollah, and Amal, and whoever else.”
Hezbollah’s leader Nasrallah announced that he recognizes a symbolic crackdown by th Lebanese government as a declaration of war. The US-propped government of Lebanon which also enjoys tacit support of mainstream Arab regimes, temporarily closed Hezbollah’s TV station for incitement, and fired the security chief of Beirut airport, a notorious venue for smuggling arms from Iran to Hezbollah. Nasrallah vowed to defend his right to bring arms from Iran, though the UN resolution which ended the 2006 war in Lebanon specifically calls for disarming Hezbollah. Of course, the brave peacekeepers tend to ignore that inconvenient clause while Israel screams of Hezbollah’s massive rearmament.
Israel likely pushes the US Administration to take a tougher stance Hezbollah, and indeed both the US, EU, and the Arab regimes grew irritated by Iran-Syria’s meddling in Lebanon. Every Arab country fears for its own Shiite population which Iran can steer at the next step.

any time soon. Turkey announced failure of its mediation efforts. So we can enjoy the Golan Heights for a few more months.

Oil reached the record $124 per barrel, touching the lower limit suggested for the Arab national commodity by Bin Laden about 10 years ago.
Thanks to the US invasion of Iraq, oil corporations experience windfall profits.

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