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The court-imposed gag order allows leftists and the police to attack Olmert over undisclosed crimes while leaving him no opportunity to defend himself. Outrageously, leftists (with honorable exception of the corrupt Ehud Barak) call on Olmert to step down amid the investigations when even the charges remain unknown.
Even Yishai, the religious hypocrite from the Shas Party, supports Olmert, asking the fellow MKs to end the so far completely unfounded accusations against the prime minister.
What’s the point of keeping the information secret from the public, if all those involved know it intimately?

On one hand, Rice continues mumbling that Israeli-Palestinian peace is possible by the year’s end. On other hand, Fatah cutthroats loudly complain that Bush and Rice refused to discuss with Abbas any details of the peace settlement with Israel. Add the Israeli leftists’ screams in favor of releasing Marwan Barghouti. It seems that Abu Mazen is almost out, and the US Administration refuses to seriously bug Israeli government. Why?
With the war in Iraq dragging on, the Republicans have two best foreign policy options to influence the upcoming presidential elections. One, Israeli-Palestinian peace or at least some kind of a firm agreement. Rice initially pushed for it, but now seemingly abandoned the endeavor as unrealistic. Two, successful strike on the Iranian nuclear facilities shortly before the elections in the expectation that American voters won’t change the ruling party during a crisis.
With that in mind, Bush Administration made the successful attack on Syria public, and gives more of a free hand to Olmert’s government. London Sunday Times, a semi-official mouthpiece of Israeli security establishment, announced the upcoming Mossad briefing on the highly advanced stage of Iranian nuclear program. The newspaper says it’s similar to Syrian, which of course it is, as Syria had almost completed reactor, and Iran too has a completed reactor in Bushehr.
A successful attack on Iran, however, would be a major setback to Israeli “peace camp” as the country will ecstatically move to the right for some time. Thus the newest police investigation against Olmert so that he can step down and Ehud Barak take laurels for the attack.

Condi Rice

delivering supplies to Gaza near Karni Crossing and Nahal Oz fuel terminal. IDF closed the crossing temporarily.

Three Jewish soldiers of the Lavi Brigade are indicted for torturing Palestinian taxi manager in Hebron. They allegedly stripped him, beat in the open view of passers-by. Then his relatives came (a crowd), and the 3 soldiers beat them all, as well. Then the relatives left (why?), and the soldiers stripped the Arab again (but he was already stripped), told him to run 3 circles around his car (so he was fine) and go away.

In addition to pressing unspecified charges against Olmert, the leftist Attorney General Mazuz announced indicting Olmert’s close associate ex-Finance Minister Hirchson. The investigation ended more than half a year ago, and the indictment is weak.

for political ends. Jewish Army once again destroyed a makeshift Hazon David synagogue in Hebron and declared the place a closed military territory.

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