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The US, EU, Russia prepared an offer for Iran: cease uranium enrichment only for the duration of talks.
This legitimizes Iranian nuclear program: the Western powers recognized that once the talks are broken off, Iran is expected to continue with its nuclear program. Anyway, Iran is unlikely to agree.

in addition to $100 mil already allocated.

The clown who was Israel’s Defense Minister calls for releasing the arch-terrorist Marwan Barghouti, ostensibly to replace Abbas. Barghouti is immensely popular among Israeli Arabs for his role in murdering scores of Israeli Jews.

Amir Peretz

Just about every leftist scum in the Knesset who should be jailed for treason, lambastes Olmert over the still-unclear new investigation. From what we know so far, the affair is a credibility contest between a murky Jewish American businessman and the prime minister of Israel. The businessman claims he have passed to Olmert large amounts of cash, which is unlikely given Olmert acumen and law degree. The cash was reportedly collected in America for Olmert’s political campaigns in Israel dating as far back as 1999. Every Israeli political party collects money abroad.
The leftists attack Olmert with new charges as they are dissatisfied with his dodging of the giveaway of Jerusalem to Muslims.
In the time when we need Israeli prime minister to concentrate on attacking Iran, bugging him with the alleged transgressions of 9 years old is a stupid thing to do.

in the West Bank. Clearly, the US-funded Palestinian Authority does its best to implement the Oslo Accords which oblige it to dismantle all terrorist infrastructure, huh.

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