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in Jordan. It is disheartening to see Abu Mazen still alive.

The Rabbinical Court of Israel struck down all the conversions performed by the establishment rabbis Haim Druckman and Co of the Israeli Conversion Authority. The court also handed down a long-overdue decision that declares invalid all conversions whereas the proselyte abandons Jewish observance soon afterwards.
Female converts are deemed to have three major ritual obligations: preparing hala bread and lighting candles for Shabbat, and immersing themselves in mikveh bath monthly. None is in the Torah; as for the mikveh, the Torah prescribes washing one’s body, which shower does properly enough. Ruth, the proselyte grandma of King David, would have been surprised by such requirements.

The decision affects retroactively all the Conversion Authority’s conversions after the 1999.

Israeli government and reformist temples of America want to step up fake conversions, which pushes the Orthodox conversion courts onto defensive for evermore stringent demands.

The Rabbinical Court’s decision is a major setback for government of Israel which tries to assimilate masses of non-Jewish Slavs who entered Israel under the misguided amendment to the Law of Return which allows anyone with a single Jewish great-grandparent to claim Israeli citizenship. Anyway, only a minuscule portion of non-Jews expressed interest even in the fast-track “Allah Akbar” government conversions.

Oddly, the Rabbinical Court’s decision is subject to the review by the anti-Semitic ultra-left atheist Israeli Supreme Court which would likely overrule it. The Orthodox establishment would cling to its own conversion and refuse recognizing the government’s converts as valid marriage partners for religious Jews. In effect, the government’s policy creates second-class Jews on the legal level of bastards.

The Rabbinical Court introduced a legal fiction of invalid conversion: presumably, if a convert ceases observing Jewish law, she never honestly intended to observe it in the first place. Insincerity at the time of conversion invalidates it. Strictly speaking, the law is not applied retroactively, but the conversion itself is proved false by the convert’s future actions.

The Rabbinical Court’s decision is, counter-intuitively, a major step in liberalizing the conversion. Previously, rabbinical judges who oversee the conversion where under immense pressure to assure sincerity and determination of the prospective converts. Unwilling to run any risks, the rabbis imposed tremendous tests on converts. The new ruling abrogates this need for the overwhelming proof. By allowing nullification of a conversion at any time in the future, the Rabbinical Court provided conversion rabbis with the ultimate instrument for ascertaining determination of the prospective converts. Previously, a considerable proportion of converts stopped observance soon after the conversion, but now that becomes impossible as lax observance invalidates the giyur.

New charges against Olmert involve accepting bribes from a Jewish American businessman. All earlier charges against Olmert proved to be a fiction, with police unable to bring up a case against him.
Leftists are exceedingly dissatisfied by Olmert’s staunch refusal to abandon Jerusalem and Jewish settlements in Judea to the Arab enemies. As usual (e.g., with Sharon) leftists use trumpeted-up police investigation to push politicians into acceding to defeatist policies.

Palestinians arrested, deported 19 Israeli citizens from the Arab-occupied parts of Hebron in 2008.
Hebron is the most legally Jewish land that could exist: purchased by Abraham, burial place of the patriarchs, promised by God, capital of King David, the place of uninterrupted Jewish settlement since antiquity. If Jews have no right to Hebron, then surely we have no right to modern places such as Tel Aviv.
In the recent interview, answering our questions, Netanyahu boasted that though he gave Hebron away to Arabs (in clear violation of his electoral promises), the city remains under Jewish control.

Gazans have dumped 17 million gallons of sewage into Mediterranean in the last 3 months. Though the Arabs claim this as the result of Israeli blockade, comparable dumping was taking place for the years.

The first deliveries of natural gas started through El Arish – Ashkelon pipeline. Israel will buy billions of dollars’ worth of gas from Egypt.

El Arish gas field in Sinai was developed by Jews and belongs to Israel under the title signed by God, as part of the Promised Land. Israel took the place in 1956 but abandoned it under the friendly US pressure. Eisenhower Administration promised, in return, to keep the Tiran Straits open for Israeli shipping, but reneged on that promise in 1967. Israel again re-took the land in 1967 but gave it back under the pressure of Jimmy Carter, who is now labeled anti-Semite and refused audiences with Israel’s political bosses.

Olmert requested the Finance Ministry to allocate to ministers without portfolios in 2008 the money they failed to spend from their 2007 budgets. Ministers without portfolios do no meaningful job whatsoever, as even the creative Israeli government was unable to invent ministries for them. Lieberman, for example, invented for himself an Orwellian-sounding “Ministry of Strategic Affairs” which was dismantled as soon as he left the government.
Part of this money will go to the infamous Yitzhak Rabin Peace Center and $150,000 allocated to keep Ariel Sharon in coma for his crimes against Gush Katif residents. The governments also pays to keep Yitzhak Shamir in vegetative state.

General Fraser’s entourage slammed into a car of a Jew who lives in Hebron. After the ensuing scuffle, the brave general retreated.
Fraser supervises training of the Fatah gangsters who routinely attack Jewwish villagers in Judea and Samaria.

In the daytime, 300 of the US-trained Fatah gangsters will maintain law and order in the terrorist nest.

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