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The Chief Rabbi of the Western Wall barred Cardinal Brady, other cross-wearing Christians from praying at the Western Wall. Rabbi Rabinowitz reasoned God won;t enjoy their prayers.
At the same time, hordes of Arabs were sitting, walking, and urinating just above the Western Wall, on the Jewish-liberated, Arab-occupied Temple Mount.

12,000 Jews marched at the Birkenau death camp in Poland waving Israeli flags, defying the Nazi-led European efforts at our annihilation. The Poles, who enthusiastically helped Nazis to hunt us just decades ago, kept at the polite distance from the camp.
IDF Chief of Staff Ashkenazi announced that Israel learned a lesson and will not succumb to annihilation. In the meanwhile, rockets continued puring down on Sderot and Israeli officials continued pleading with the world powers to protect Jews from the Iranian nukes.

Prime minister’s statement demands putting an end to rocket fire and terrorist attacks – which is remotely possible, but also to arms trafficking from Egypt into Gaza, which is unrealistic. The arms trafficking, however, goes on now unimpeded and the ceasefire won’t make the situation much worse. The US Administration pushes Israel to accept the ceasefire.

On the day when Jews commemorate Holocaust, Nazareth court upheld a petition by Arabs to conduct a rally on Israel’s Independence Day.
Naturally, on the day of Jewish independence Israeli Arabs commemorate their own catastrophe.
Any liberal state would allow such a rally by political dissenters. A Jewish state might be expected to be more sane than that.

May 2008
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