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Rabbi Meir Kahane
From the dummy debate with Michael Lerner

I have never seen such open anti-Semitism in this country since World War II as I have seen today. It is open. The slightest problem – it comes out in black and white. Iím warning you, do not ever listen to your Jewish leaders who say, It couldnít happen here, this isnít Germany. Of course this isnít Germany, but neither Germany was Germany always. In Germany they used to tell people that this isnít Poland. Every country has its way. Nobody loved their country as much as the Jews in Germany did.

Nobody felt as German as did the Jews of Germany. They didnít even call themselves Jews, they called themselves Germans of the Mosaic faith. They loved Germany with a passion that no one here could ever feel. Germany had a Jewish Foreign Minister in 1922. America didnít have a Jewish Secretary of State until 1972, and it was only because he fled Germany. If someone would have asked a Jew, any Jew in the world in 1920, Who is the worst of anti-Semites? not one would have said, Germans. They would have said, Poles, and Slovaks, and Ukrainians, and Lithuanians, and Romanians, and Hungarians.

Germans were the best, cultured. And then it happened. It did not happen because Germans are different. They are not different. Jews visit Poland today. Are you crazy? Youíre spending money there? Their hands are red with Jewish blood, what do you want to see in Poland? Give them the cemetery. I want money to go to Jewish life and not for Jewish death. It happened in Germany not because they are any different, it happened because there was a terrible economic collapse. People not only lost jobs, but they lost hope. People who lose hope will follow anyone who offers them hope. Thatís what happened, and you want to tell me it couldnít happen here?

Your problem is that your local Jewish leaders are these losers. Itís incredible who is chosen to be a leader, ignoramuses. Theyíre not chosen for their scholarship, their knowledge, their piety. Theyíre chosen for their money and their ability to raise money. They donít know what people think about Jews. They sit at dinners, and banquets, national conferences of Christians and Jews. And they sit and exchange conversation and humor and joke, and plaques. ďThis here is your plaque and this is my plaque.Ē There is only one place where people can find out what people really think about Jews, and thatís in a bar, a neighborhood working class bar, not a trendy bar over here in downtown San Francisco. Even if it is a happy one. A working class bar, thatís where the Schnapps go in and thatís where you hear what comes out. Thatís where you hear America saying, the jealousy, the Jews own this, and the Jews, – thatís when times are good. God forbid if there should be an economic collapse in this country, God forbid it would be the Jews who are blamed. Michael, the Jews. Not the Blacks, because the anti-Semites blame the Jews for everything, including the Blacks. The tragedy of our time is that Jews donít want to see it.

It is on top of us and we donít want to see it. A country with the deficit of over two trillion dollars, the biggest debtor in the world. If the Japanese would someday lose faith in the dollar, and stop covering our debts here, there goes the ballgame.
There is no relationship between Wall Street and the real world. The biggest gambling joint north of New Jersey. The economy here is in terrible, terrible shape. Weíre losing jobs, weíre losing trades, weíre losing everything. And you sit thereÖ Think carefully, especially young people.

Go home, go home. If youíre in college, this summer go to Israel. Who says every Jew has to be a PhD? Where does it say that? Why is it that every Jew has to be a doctor, an attorney? Where? Go to Israel, enroll in a yeshiva. If you donít like it, quit, if you do like it, stay. And learn a trade, learn to work with your hands. Plant a tree in Judea somewhere, be a farmer, get married and have a dozen babies. Every one of those children is a gem to us, we owe Hitler two million babies. Pay him back, in this case interest is allowed. And then thirty years from now when you are sitting in your Jewish state, with your grandchildren in a settlement which has now become a town, and you speak to them how it was when you first came and how difficult, theyíll look up at you and tell you in Hebrew, What a grandfather, what a grandmother. Then youíll know what Jewish happiness is. Go home, go home. We donít need money, we need Jews.

from MAOZ

To the Jewish Community of the San Francisco Bay Area:

Jewish Club Maoz regretfully marks the changing of the guard at the San Francisco Jewish Community Federation. We have previously opposed their support for giving away Jewish land for a `two-state solution’ to Arab aggression, funneling Jewish donations to support Arab causes in Israel, its blind and unyielding support for the leadership of the Israeli government regardless of its immoral expulsion of Jews from our homeland, and their treatment of YESHA Jewish residents as second class citizens.

The Federation claims to give `continuity to Jewish values’ (http://www.sfjcf.org/aboutjcf/OurMission.asp), but has consistently
ignored the three pillars of Judaism: Torah, Jewish People and Jewish Land. They have alienated the religiously observant of our community by forging political alliances with those who spit on our traditions.
The Federation uses funds donated in good faith by those who believe that they are fostering Jewish traditions to fund `progressive’ causes. We urge you to look on their own web site (http://www.sfjcf.org/howthemoney/programs/) to see for yourself just how Jewish the programs they fund truly are.

Many understand that the label `progressive’ is just a code word for `socialist’, which is an ideology in direct opposition to traditional Judaism. The `progressives’ have finally tipped their hand openly by the appointment of the new CEO.

Daniel J. Sokatch has been named Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Community Federation of San Francisco, the Peninsula, Marin and Sonoma Counties (JCF) effective July 15, 2008. He will oversee the Federation’s staff of 105, and its four satellite offices located in the Federation’s service areas and Israel.

With such friends, who needs enemies!

We urge the many who perform tzedaka in the tradition of our fathers to do so with open eyes. Investigate what is being done with your well-intentioned donations. If you truly support Jewish continuity, we urge you to give directly to organizations that you believe further this goal. Don’t fall for slick, big-budget advertisements or self-aggrandizing gala awards dinners. The money spent on that could be better spent on the true needs of our community.

Below is a little history on your new Federation CEO and his fellow travelers. You will notice a recurring theme of far left political
activism and the twisting of traditional Jewish values to whatever they now promote as `social justice’.

`Forward’ says this about him: http://dev.launch-box.net:10000/article.aspx?CID=1&ID=147

He’s mentioned in http://www.think-israel.org/neuwirth.peacecamp.html as part of radical left

He’s among the active supporters for Michael Lerner http://www.commondreams.org/headlines03/0211-09.htm

He defends Arab domination of the Temple Mount:
“Rabbi Jacobs, Sokatch and Dr. Maher Hathout, senior adviser to MPAC, concurred in denouncing Israeli right-winger Ariel Sharon for provoking the Palestinian uprising Sept. 28 when he walked on the Muslim’s sacred Haram al-Sharif.”


He is an avid supporter of illegal immigration to the US
Scroll down to “Jewish groups join rallies for illegals”


He is a supporter of Gay Marriage



He is a defender of anti-Israel Islamists


The Stalinist founded ACLU loves him



The town, located in the West Bank, is controlled by Fatah, whose forces are trained by the US and financed by Israel through the tax transfers.

from Nahal Oz fuel terminals where the very same Gazans murdered two Jews just days ago.
Arab countries refuse to sell Israel oil, but Israel dutifully delivers oil to Gaza.

The Shabak security service, as usual, is alleged of torturing the poor Palestinian terrorists by arresting or, in come cases, even faking arrests of their relatives.
The leftist trash has to be sent to Russian jails to know what “torture” really means.

Israeli government formally confirmed it has bribed Lieberman with a sinecure. In order to bring him into the coalition, Olmert created an Orwellian Ministry of Strategic Affairs specifically for Lieberman, pompous and empty. Israeli taxpayers footed the bill.

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