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in the near future with undisclosed measures (Speech before Kadima activists).
We’ll see.

on February 4. The launch was initially understood as a Shahab-type missile test. In our opinion, Iran targets India with this missile to compensate Pakistan for its assistance in Iran’s nuclear program.

Shas MKs demanded that Israeli government votes on a bill banning sales of leavened bread on Pesach. That’s a curious incident of democratic decision-making over a major commandment. According to Shas, government ministers should vote whether to heed God.
The government proved more straightforward and refused hearing the bill.

IDF troops supported by tanks, bulldozers, and aircraft killed a handful of Arabs in Gaza, a token number among the 20,000 Hamas force. Palestinians engaged the IDF in heavy urban combat.

Ex-justice Barak launched an offensive in newspapers against Justice Minister Friedmann. Barak seeks to preserve Israeli Supreme Court independent – independent, that is, from accountability. Israeli Supreme Court had long became a nest of far-lefties who micromanage politics and defense and engage in tremendous judicial activism. Israeli Supreme Court heavily supports Arabs and lashes against conservative and religious Jews.
Friedmann seeks to curb the Supreme Court’s judicial activism and end the horrendous practice when the Supreme Court appoints its own justices.

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