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terminal which supplies fuel to Gaza. It remains to be seen whether Israel will continue supplying fuel to Gaza from the attacked terminal.
Palestinian guerrillas engaged the arriving IDF unit in heavy firefight, used mortars.
Israeli government again promised to hold Hamas leaders accountable for the attack.
Gaza’s Popular Resistance Committees announced that the terrorist raid at Nahal Oz aimed at kidnapping more Jews. Winograd Commission member Professor Dror related the attempted kidnapping to Israeli government’s readiness to exchange a thousand jailed terrorist for a single IDF corporal.
Israeli government holds Hamas responsible for the attack even though it did not participate in it and generally adheres to one-sided ceasefire with Israel.

A great strategist, indeed. Israel cannot deter even a non-nuclear Palestine or a Hezbollah non-army. So far, Israel is only good at deterring good Jews.

Israeli think tank “Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center,” connected to the Shabak security service, stated in the report that Hamas possess 20,000 guerrillas, evenly divided between its Izz ad-Din Kassam Brigades and Gaza’s official Executive Force. After Israel’s invasion of Gaza, the guerrillas are expected to refrain from open-area fights, concentrating on urban combat.

Two illegal Palestinian workers in a Ramat Gan restaurant plotted to poison Jews.
Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak, on Rice’s order, lobbies the government to increase quota for Palestinian migrant workers.

Only 24% of the US Christians imagine that the Palestinian state would be peaceful, 17% support dividing Jerusalem with Palestinians, 9% want a presidential candidate who would push Israel down the peace process (poll by Joshua Fund).

Faced with the implacable opposition to dividing Jerusalem with Palestinians, Israeli government arranged for a different path with its American masters.
The new plan, agreed upon with Bushies and Fatah gangsters, delays the final status negotiations on Jerusalem for five years. During that time, Palestinians will receive de facto jurisdiction over Jerusalem, including the provision of municipal services.
The Israeli scum and their Bushie slave-owners expect that in five years Israelis will get used to the Fatah’s presence in Jerusalem, and will no longer oppose dividing Jerusalem de jure.

in various West Bank towns, busts a huge hoard of explosives in Kilkilya. Yeah, the US-trained Fatah really improved security.

Yitzhak and Daniel are security guards. When a Jew in See Bar asked them to help dispersing a hostile Bedouin crowd which trampled on Jewish fields and threatened him, the brothers intervened and made warning shots. Bedouin filed a complaint against the Jews for shooting at the crowd (no casualties) and beating the poor Bedouin with rifle butts (a laughable contention).
Though defended by one of the best Israeli attorneys, the brothers were sentenced to seven and eight months in jail for aggravated assault.

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