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The Attorney General of Iran asked Ahmadinejad to ban the Barbie and similar toys as contrary to Islamic character of the state.
Rabbi Ovadia Yosef of Shas issued halachic ruling a while ago, ordering to pull out dolls’ hands and legs to prevent their similarity to human beings.

Surely ironic, Israeli prime minister expressed grave concern over the family death in Gaza in the IAF strike.

Palestinian “government” announced the well-known fact that Hamas robs the fuel terminal in Gaza (the local side of the Nahal Oz fuel terminal) and impounds fuel shipments to Gaza’s power station and hospitals for its own use.

which is good. Palestinian negotiators furiously left the new round of talks after being presented with the map which left Israel with settlement blocs, Jerusalem, Jordan Valley, and the Lod region.

The AMAN military intelligence announced that Arabs seek to commit massive terrorist acts during the upcoming celebrations of Israeli independence. AMAN, mind you, detected “high activity” in the terrorist organizations.
If, however, such a mega-planning really took place, Israeli security services would have already received abundant information about the terrorist act. Israel’s extensive intelligence network among the Arabs intercepts even minor terrorist acts, of which only a handful of Arabs are aware. Large-scale terrorist attack is impossible as it is simple too vulnerable to being detected.
The bulk of intelligence work in the Arab-occupied Judea, Samaria, and Gaza is done by Shin-Bet security service rather than AMAN. By making the announcement, the AMAN degrades to seeking PR points: if no terrorist act happens, it would be implied that AMAN intercepted it; if a terrorist act occurs, AMAN had warned of it.

Public Security Minister Avi Dichter reminded Israeli government that two months ago it instructed the army to prepare a plan for ending the Kassam rocket attacks. Until now, the plan did not appear – because there is no way to stop the attacks short of re-taking the Gaza Strip.
Dichter warned that ceasefire with Hamas means accepting the terrorist group’s legitimacy.

Jewish hero who sought to execute Rabin filed a petition asking for the right to meet his extended relatives. The judge ordered the Penitentiary Department to clarify Yigal’s status, stating that the terms of his imprisonment are so bad they cannot be possibly worse.
Even the Knesset does not believe that Yigal Amir killed Rabin, as it has passed a law a month ago revoking the statute of limitations for killing a prime minister (it is still okay to kill a minister). The law opens the way for new investigation, presumably against Shimon Peres.
Yigal has already spent in jail more than most Arab terrorists. Unlike them, he is not waiting to be exchanged.

According to Egyptian-mediated terms, the ceasefire should engulf Gaza for six months, and afterwards be extended onto the West Bank.
As Israel would refuse relinquishing her freedom of operations in the West Bank, as it is indeed essential for preventing terrorist acts, after half a year the ceasefire will end with Hamas rearmed and ready for the new round of confrontation.

Long gone are the days when Sadat went to Israel. Now Israeli leaders submissively come to Arab capitals.

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