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At the Arab League summit, Fatah boss named Abbas boasted of supporting Gaza despite the Hamas takeover. According to Abbas, 58% of the Palestinian Authority’s budget was allocated to Gaza in 2007, paying for 77,000 employees controlled by Hamas.

Barak declared that since Israel is the major regional military power, seeking a [worthless] peace treaty with Syria is our top priority.

In his book “The Much Too Promised Land”, Aaron D.Miller, a State Department adviser to six US presidents, reveals that he knows of no significant decision by the US Administration made because of Israeli lobbying. Miller is generally critical of Israel, and so deserves credibility on that issue.
No wonder that US politicians lean to the Arab oil kingdoms.

A Christian Arab named Balut from Fassuta village in Galilee arrested for spying for Hezbollah and smuggling drugs for it into Israel. Balut is otherwise a distinguished IDF scout. Druzes and Bedouin who serve in the IDF have no loyalty to the Jewish state, and serve just anyone who pays them, Jews and their enemies alike. The Balut case is one of the many Arab spy cases in the IDF. A mayor of the same village was also convicted for spying in 2006.

Sensing the imminent problems during the upcoming US elections, the Black Plague pushes Israel to surrender Jerusalem to the Palestinian enemy, so that Rice could claim an academic achievement. To please the Black Plague, Israel will allow the Arab enemies free travel to the Dead Sea, allowing them to infiltrate the desert at will; allow the West Bank Arabs to use Israeli highways, putting Jews there at grave risk of terrorists; issue thousands of residence permits to the hostile Arabs; and allow Fatah terrorists to open the “police” station in many West Bank towns to make attacking the nearby Jews easier.

With that exact phrase, Meretz scum Avshalom Vilan questioned that new bill which offers mild benefits to IDF reservists.

Though Saudi Arabia presents its “peace initiative” as a panacea for normalizing Israeli relations with all Muslim countries, a grotesque monkey-like Libyan dictator Qaddafi announced that his country would only accept a mixed Jewish-Palestinian state.
No problem with that, actually. Arab enemies already constitute a third of Israel’s young.

Though even Egypt and Saudi Arabia sent markedly low-level delegation to the Arab League’s summit in Damascus, Russia sent a cordial greeting to its terrorist friends.
Putin, like his intellectual equal Bush, declares that Israeli-Palestinian settlement is a key to regional peace. Oh really, Iran makes a nuclear bomb because of Israeli checkpoints in the West Bank.

Ehud Barak, Rice the Black Plague, and the PLO accountant Fayad met in Jerusalem King David hotel under the flags of Israel, the US, and the PLO. Twenty years ago, Israel banned PLO flags even in the West Bank.

A few days ago, Ehud Barak refused to remove any roadblocks and praised their really high role in intercepting Palestinian terrorists.

in a Tel Aviv park. The illegal migrants expect to be sent to Eilat for some fictional jobs in the hotels which anyway cannot employ them for the lack of immigration papers. Other bomb shelters in Tel Aviv are occupied by African infiltrators.

and denounced the primitive Fitna movie which connects Islam with terrorism.

Shimon Peres is really foolish. Polls show that Israeli public approval of Palestinian statehood rises after major terrorist acts. If not for terrorism, Israel won’t care to notice the Palestinians. And despite the terrorism and even rocket attacks, Israel negotiates Palestinian statehood with Fatah gangsters.

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