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Israeli police arrested a woman in Beit Shemesh who insanely abused her 12 children. The woman appeared to head a minuscule group of ultra-ultra Orthodox Jewish women whom even the Eda Haredit spokesman described as “crazies” in their zeal.

The Muslim-dominated UN Human Rights Council appointed a special investigator for Israeli actions in the territories a notorious self-hating Jewish anti-Semite Falk who gained prominence by comparing Jews to Germans.

from Iran, capable of reaching Israeli targets even in the Negev.

Sderot. Israel and Gaza’s militants are at de facto cease-fire.

Olmert confirmed the ongoing secret talks with Syria on “peace” in return for the Golan Heights. The talks are conducted through Turkey. Olmert’s idea is wooing Syria from Iran by peace promises; Israeli Military Intelligence concurs. Why would, however, Syria prefer cold peace with Israel to hot friendship with Iran? Syria doesn’t need peace with Israel; Israel, too, doesn’t need that peace treaty but sues for it.
During their premier terms, Barak and Netanyahu agreed to give the Golan Heights away to Syria in return for a peace treaty.

In preliminary reading, Israeli Knesset passed a bill pegging IDF conscripts’ wages to the minimum wage. Currently, IDF conscripts in non-combat units receive $100 per month. The bill is unlikely to pass in the final reading, as the IDF lacks sufficient budget.
Israel can safely abandon conscripting the girls, who are given almost no meaningful roles in the IDF.

The Mahdi Army of an Islamic thug Muqtada Sadr kept the self-imposed cease-fire since August, allowing the US troops to claim pacifying Iraq. For some odd reason, the Americans and Iraqis raided Muqtada’s neighborhoods, arresting hundreds of his supporters. Now the Mahdi Army is back, fighting in Iraqi towns from Baghdad (Sadr district) to Basra.

Jerusalem Conservative Schechter Rabbinical Seminary banned a party by visiting American Conservative students to celebrate an anniversary of the shameful “rabbinical” decision which allowed ordination of homosexual and lesbian “rabbis.”

The IDF soldier Mr. Pozorik died from the accidental shooting by his comrade. Mr. Pozorik’s heart was transplanted to an Israeli Arab.

Ruhama Avraham suspected of illegally aiding an agricultural company which paid for her trip to the US and Europe.

Israeli ultra-left ministry of anti-Semitic education, headed by Suicide Now founder Yuli Tamir, filed a complaint with Justice Ministry to revoke the university status from Ariel University Center. The leftists seek to downgrade a huge, 10,000+ students university in order to drive young Jews from Judea and Samaria in search of higher education.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad began manufacturing Katyusha Grad-type rockets with 14 miles range capable of striking Ashkelon.

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