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Following the mail bomb sent to a family of missionaries in Ariel, other messianics claim it’s only a tip of the violence directed at them. That’s exactly what Judaism directs Jews to do in regards to missionaries of foreign religions. About 0.3% of Jews converted to anti-Semitism.

while Hezbollah claims to have proof of Israeli involvement. Syria’s silence is meant to exonerate it from Israeli retaliation which would follow Hezbollah’s attacks avenging Mughniyeh. Syria sends a message to Israel that it doesn’t blame Jews for Mughniyeh, won’t retaliate, and expects Israel not to attack Syria for Hezbollah’s actions.

The defeatist New Profile group launches protests against the IDF officers’ meeting Israeli schoolchildren to decrease draft-dodging.

Ehud Barak allowed 600 Fatah “policemen” trained in Jordan to enter the terrorist nest of Jenin, ostensibly to install a semblance of order there. Fatah “policemen” routinely participate in attacks on Jews. According to Barak, he wants to exhaust all options for the peace process.

on supposedly peaceful nukes. Egypt signs a similar agreement with Russia.
Bahrain, a close US ally, is virulently anti-Israeli. Muslim Brotherhood, a parent of Hamas, is the largest opposition group in Egypt.

Israeli Knesset approved the law which bans organ sales, and empowered doctors to devour patients’ bodies while their heart is still beating (though a lower brain becomes inoperative).
Family members will receive financial benefits for complacence, as will the living donors of kidneys.

from Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades after they signed a promise to refrain from terrorism.
Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades recently renounced the cease-fire it concluded with Israel.

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