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With much fanfare, Egypt arrested armed Palestinians during the border breach with Gaza, reportedly while they were planning to infiltrate Israel with weapons. Now 34 of them are released.

IDF Human Resources’ boss Stern clashed again with yeshivas for “failing” to comply with his demand of providing conscripts for mixed religious-secular units. As a punishment, Stern banned yeshiva students from the prized Golani and paratroopers’ brigades.
IDF screams of yeshiva students refusal to serve in the army, and further discourages them by requiring their integration in mixed (in practice, secular) units.
IDF doesn’t want highly motivated religious Jews who would refuse the orders to pity Arab civilians or destroy Jewish settlements.

but will operate perhaps more efficiently.

Auto insurance in Israel skyrocketed due to the open borders. Palestinians massively steal cars in Israel for resale in the territories, Gaza, and Jordan.

A few days ago, brotherly Palestinian terrorists Fatah and Hamas signed a memorandum of understanding in Yemen, paving the way for formal reconciliation and ending the civil war. Today, Fatah renounced that memorandum.
Quite a peace partners.

As we have guessed here, the defenders of Arab human rights demand charging Rabbi Dov Lior with criminal incitement and racism. Rabbi Dov Lior of Hebron announced that Israelis should not hire Arabs as they are dangerous to Jews.

of his daughter.
Shbita, as other Israeli Arabs, is our good neighbor.

Israel’s major gas pipeline from El Arish to Ashkelon won’t be able to supply the required volume of natural gas. The damages amount to $500 million. Obviously, the idea was to make the pipeline narrow in order to build yet another pipe, just as with Ashdod-Ashkelon pipe: it, too, was built too narrow and eventually augmented by the underwater pipeline.
Israel gave El Arish gas field to Egypt under Camp David “peace” treaty, and Ashkelon offshore gas field to Fatah under Barak-Lieberman-Arafat deal.

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