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Shimon Peres declared that the return of the Golan Heights to Syria would boost Iran’s position in the region. This is one of the recent hawkish statements by the detestable Israeli dove. Peres previously supported the return of the Golan Heights to Syria.
Curiously, Rabin, too, renounced his leftist leanings a short while before he was killed.

Olmert’s previous orders on closing the Israeli porous border to African migrants and expelling those already in Israel predictably weren’t carried out. Olmert cited the positive experience of preventing the Palestinian infiltration, ignoring that tens of thousands of Palestinians enter Israel illegally.
“Doctors for Human Rights” closed their free clinic for the migrants in Tel Aviv, demand that the Israeli government absorbs the costs of medical treatment for the Africans.

in response to Hezbollah threats of retaliation for Mughniyeh’ assassination. No amount of alert would prevent the Hezbollah from striking at Israel’s soft underbelly: Jewish targets abroad. The only way to prevent the retaliation is to announce the massive counter-retaliation against Lebanon for any attacks on Jews worldwide.

Mubarak flies to Moscow to sign an agreement on “peaceful” nuclear projects in Egypt. After Iran has pushed through with its peaceful nuclear program, other Muslim countries rushed to follow the suit. Russia helps them all.
Israel will find it very hard to bomb the Egyptian nuclear installations because of the US-guaranteed peace treaty. America gives Egypt military aid.

The Arabs are sentenced to 7 to 15 years in jail for plotting to bomb Israeli railroad, Azrieli shopping mall. Since they have no “blood on their hands,” they are eligible for prisoners’ exchange.

March 2008
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