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Only about 500 of Hebrew University’s Jewish students arrived at the counter-demonstration protesting government’s tolerance of anti-Israeli incitement by Arab students on Israeli campuses. The leftist brainwashing from the kindergarten up destroyed the last bits of self-respect in most Jewish students.

Israel, Hamas denied they have reached a cease-fire, but the IDF stopped all operations in Gaza and the rocket attacks declined to the pre-escalation level, “tolerably” targeting Sderot only rather than the more important Ashkelon.

Jerusalem police investigation revealed that the first two, and possibly more police officers who arrived at Merkaz HaRav shooting stood outside for about 20 minutes while the shootings continued inside the yeshiva. It was the IDF officer and the yeshiva student David Shapira, living nearby, who rushed to shoot the terrorist, and so did another student, Yitzhak Dodon.

The Kahanist Jewish National Front leader Baruch Marzel, two others were arrested as they led a small crowd to the Arab village to dismantle the mourning tent for Merkaz HaRav murderer.
The government continues discussing the legality of publicly mourning the terrorist.
Police expect thousands of loyal Israeli Arabs to attend the terrorist’s funeral.

In those words Rabbi Schachter of the Yeshiva University apologized for calling on his students to shoot Olmert should he give up Jerusalem.
But the rabbi’s original statement makes sense: if Jews incurred casualties to conquer the city, why shouldn’t there be at least one casualty of giving it away?

March 2008
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