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Israeli police partially dismantled the mourning tent decorated with Hamas and Hezbollah flags erected in place of the demolished house. Israeli Arabs flocked to mourn the dead murderer of Merkaz HaRav students.
The murderer’s family applied to Israeli authorities for burial assistance.
It took Israeli prime minister hours of consultations to decide whether it is legitimate to stop the murderers’ mourning. The government was less picky about legal niceties in the case of Dr. Baruch Goldstein‘ mourning.
Police had no legalistic qualms ending the demonstration by Israeli National Front which sought to penetrate the murderer’s village.

Leftist scumbag Tamir, Israeli Minister of anti-Semitic Education, visited Merkaz HaRav yeshiva to score some PR points in the wake of mass murder there. The crowd greeted her with “Murderer!” cries, at which point Tamir quickly escaped.
Tamir, one of the founders of Peace Now ultra-left anti-Semitic group, brainwashes Jewish students with “Arab are good neighbors” mantra, and flares Israeli Arab nationalism by teaching them that Jews took their land, if of necessity.

Arab teens hurled stones at Jewish cars, causing accidents.

Olmert approved the construction of 750 housing units in Givat Zeev neighborhood of Jerusalem. Israeli government typically approves construction projects in the settlements after major terrorist acts to insult Palestinians and soothe the feelings of religious Jews.

The country of rampaging freedom of speech informed Moshe Feiglin of Likud that from now on he is barred from entering Britain. The letter cites a number of Feiglin’s articles “which might provoke intra-group violence in Britain.” The ban, likely arranged by Feiglin’s nemesis Netanyahu, puts Feiglin in the league of Rabbi Meir Kahane who was also barred from Britain and Canada.
Britain has no problem with jihadist propaganda by its may Islamic newspapers and websites.

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