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Interviewed by Le Figaro, Shimon Peres announced that Israel would not attack Iran on her own, and the only contemplated course of action is non-military.

who murdered 8 in Mercaz HaRav yeshiva in Jerusalem. The Arab’s relatives erected a tent at the spot of their house, vengefully demolished by Israeli police, put Hamas flags around and welcomed the cheering crowds.
Jordan banned a similar party by the Arab terrorist’s relatives in Amman.

Israeli Public Security Minister Dichter suggested finding a legal way to expel the Arabs involved in terrorism to the West Bank. Israel means to create a safe haven for terrorists there.
Shouldn’t such Arabs be sent to jail rather than to the West Bank, though?

Police, however, arrested 8 Arabs in connection with the attack.

IDF pursued Arab terrorists who threw Molotoff cocktails, bombs at Migdal Oz Jewish village. After killing a couple of the Arabs and wounding a few, the IDF allowed the Red Crescent (Muslim) ambulance to evacuate one of the wounded.

The announcement referred to the murder of 8 Jewish students in Jerusalem.

Jerusalem court ruled that Barry Chamish’ calling Itamar Ben Gvir “a Shabak agent” constituted libel.

Danny Yatom is leftist ex-chief of Mossad and currently MK and business partner of Lev Levaev in Angola diamonds business. Danny found a solution to the terrorist acts like that in Merkaz HaRav yeshiva: we should control Arab movements in Jerusalem. Besides the legal impossibility of arbitrarily controlling some citizens and not the others, how does he expect to control tens of thousands of Arabs who work daily in Jewish areas? Danny implies that Israel should cordon the East Jerusalem off, a step toward its transfer to the Palestinians.

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