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Rice arrived in Jerusalem to press Israel to continue peace talks with Palestinians under the rocket fire. Would anyone tell that Black Plague that our relations with Palestinians is none of her business?
Bush and buddies brought Hamas and Hezbollah to power in democratic elections pushed for by the US in spite of the opposition from locals who know better. Then Bushies propped a civil war in Palestine to oust the democratically elected Hamas – which prompted Hamas to fight that war over and evict Fatah from Gaza, making the place into Hamastan. And now we listen to still more of their idiotic ideason how we should live peacefully with out Palestinian enemies.

Moshe Nissimpor built a rocket and came to Ashkelon municipality to launch it at Gaza. Israeli police canceled the event and dispersed the supporting crowd.

Israeli Arabs rioted in Umm al-Fahm, chanting their customary “Death to Jews,” etc. But of course they are our good neighbors. Israeli Arab Knesset members joined some of the riots.
MK Eitan demanded expelling Arab traitors from the Knesset, at which point an Arab MK named Zahalka countered that Eitan doesn’t represent Judaism.

Haim Ramon demanded cutting off electricity and gas supplies to Gaza in response to rocket attacks. Government decided on a milder option of theatrical war, sending Jewish soldiers in Gaza for short, senseless incursions. A better option would be to cut water supply to Gaza.
Curiously, Hamon is a peacenick, ready to partition Jerusalem and give away Judea and Samaria to Arabs. The convicted sexual offender is eager to repress both religious Jews (on Judea and Jerusalem issues) and religious Arabs (Hamas).

With the war in Gaza going on, IDF found will and resources to dismantle a tiny hamlet (“illegal outpost”) near Shilo, apparently as a gift to visiting Rice.

in April, simulating chemical attack by Iran. Are we going to bomb that place?

Israel’s barristers commission announced that more than 11,000 Palestinian terrorists are jailed in Israel, their number doubled over the past two years after disengagement from Gaza.

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