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Loyal Israeli Arabs intensified their riots after the Israeli police reacted to their initial attempts mildly. Rioting Arabs stone Jewish cars, buses in Jerusalem. Arabs attempted lynching of two Jewish municipal workers in the eastern part of Jerusalem. Police scramble elite units to Jerusalem.
Palestinian students screamed, “With blood we will liberate Palestine!” during a rally at Hebrew University.
Arabs also rioted mildly throughout Israel.

Disproportionate, senseless Israeli attacks in Gaza have a single viable goal: making the foreigners to impose a sort of truce on Hamas. Hamas, for its part, long sought the truce.
Israeli Foreign Ministry announced that Israel considers re-occupying of Gaza. In strategic terms, that’s nonsense, as we’ve already tried occupying Beirut. But a government that even contemplate such a move shows incredible cynicism: just three years ago, Olmert pushed for disengagement at the cost of splitting Israeli society.
Israel effectively ended her operations in Gaza, probably temporary to allow Bush a conference with Jordan’s princeling Abdulla.

Rice announced the US Administration will transfer Egypt the entire amount of aid, partially frozen by the Congress because Egypt allows weapons smuggling into Gaza.
US gives Egypt almost as much aid as to Israel, most of it for military use.

Few more Iranians are banned from international travel, few more empty foreign bank accounts frozen.

March 2008
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