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Zvi Menachem

The present situation in Sudan and its leader Omar al-Bashir holds some important lessons for Israel. The Khartoum government has ignored the pleadings and warnings of the Western nations to stop the Sudanese army and their surrogates, the Janaweed, from continue to slaughter and ethnically cleans the southern Sudan. The Khartoum government consistently denies their support of the Janaweed.

What can Israel learn from this? The first lesson is to imagine themselves in the position of the southern Sudanese. The UN has proven ineffectual. The token troops are impotent and the Khartoum government manages to thwart all but the meager attempts of the NGOs to alleviate the dire suffering and continuing death toll. The entire world looks on and does nothing about the Chinese support and arms transfer to the Sudan government. What would the world do if Israel were to find herself in a similar situation where a coordinated attack by all her adjacent, surrounding, enemies, supported by Iran, China and Russia were to occur? I can envision speeches at the UN, an outraged press, and aid in the form of emergency evacuations for “key” people. An ineffectual token UN force… and not much more.

What else can Israel learn? The next lesson is to imagine themselves in the position of the Sudanese leaders. I don’t mean to envision Israel perpetrating ethnic cleansing; something unimaginable, but Israel being forced to consider Gaza as an independent country; an enemy who has declared war against her. The aim of war, as Clausewitz noted, is to destroy the enemy’s ability to wage war by attacking its infrastructure.

What would the world do if Israel ceased its supply of all electricity and fuel…stopped all goods from entering Gaza and declared an embargo of Gaza? In addition, Israel would declare a 20 mile free-fire zone; a zone in which all targets would be considered with no regard to the civilian populations. The population would move away from that zone and anything moving would be considered a military target. Next, significant parts of the Gaza infrastructure would be bombed; water treatment plants, sewerage plants, electrical production facilities and transmission points. One must remember, the Western world insisted upon elections in Gaza and the population, in a democratic, free, fair and monitored election, chose Hamas’ leaders who at the time of campaigning, were candid in their goal of militarily attacking Israel and wiping Israel off the map.

So here we have a democratically elected government carrying out the wishes of their electorate to wage war and destroy a neighbor. I predict that the Western world, after shrill admonishments, will do nothing.

Eventually, the Palestinian population will rise up against Hamas and install a government who will cease hostilities against Israel, neutralize the Hamas remnants, and look after the welfare of their people. Then, and only then, will the West and Israel support their new government.

Fatah and Hamas are evidently not so much at odds as they normally try to show. Besides, why don’t Abbas negotiates for Israel a cease-fire with Fatah’s own Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades to begin with?

Defense Minister Barak called Israel’s incursion in Gaza a “high-level” operation. If blowing up Hamas’ empty offices and killing 0.05% of its guerrilla force is a high-level operation, then Lebanon-2006 was Star Wars?

Olmert announced that Israeli incursions in Gaza will continue, since “we are in the state of war.” That an incredible statement from the government which only half-heartedly recognized Gaza a “hostile territory” rather than an “enemy territory.” If we’re at war with Palestinians, then stop the peace talks and bomb them into the dust, no?
Olmert, smart as usual, laughed out Israel’s propaganda attempts, “Whoever thinks that TV speeches will silence international criticism, is wrong.” Very well, but why Israel stays in the anti-Semitic UN then?

Israeli Military Intelligence officially announced that Grad-type Katyusha rockets fired from Gaza at Israel are made in Iran. No big secret, but Iran’s shipments of military equipment to Hamas amounts to act of war against Israel. Hamas lacks sovereign status and the concomitant right to wage war, like states have. Russia, for example, supplies missiles to Syria, but does so legitimately because Syria is a sovereign state which has a right to war. According to international law, Iran’s rocket deliveries to Hamas are illegitimate, and Iran bears full responsibility for rocket attacks on Israel.
So Israel’s proper target is Tehran, not Jabaliya.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators in Syrians chanted, “Death to Israel.” Their professed support of Gazans is laughable, as Syria attempted swallowing Palestine until the 1960s and couldn’t care less about Gazans.

Arabs riot in the West Bank for several days. Today the riot was reported in Jerusalem, where a small crowd of Arabs pelted cars with stones in Jerusalem’s eastern district. Arabs also protested in the Hebrew University where mad Jews educate them to become future PLO leaders. In Haifa, loyal Israeli Arab MKs joined demonstrators with PLO flags and anti-Israeli slogans, demanded freedom for Palestinian terrorists held in Israeli jails.
So far, Israeli Arabs keep relatively quiet, with more action expected on Tuesday. As usual, they welcome Palestinian attacks on Israel but are unwilling to risk their comfortable lifestyle supporting their brethren.

Besides reiterating its offer of cease-fire, Hamas doesn’t deploy Gaza’s police against Israel. So far, the fighting is done by Izz ad Din Kassam Brigades, only nominally affiliated with Hamas.
Israel accepts Fatah’s lack of responsibility for its Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades armed wing, but not Hamas’ for Kassam Brigades.
Gazans fight Israel with American weapons their seized from Fatah.

During the protests against Israel’s invasion of Gaza, Israeli MK Zahalka criticized “Israelis.” A loyal Arab MK thinks of himself as a Palestinian.

Ahmadinejad visited president, prime minister of Iraq. Iran tries to build coalition with Iraq, drive the US out under the pretense of the situation being calmed down, and then swallow the Shia Iraq into Iran’s sphere of influence.

In the presidential elections, communist party leader, a vicious anti-Semite Zyuganov received at least 18% of the vote.
Putin’s protege Medvedev predictably won. The fact that Putin relinquished control over the Russian empire and placed himself into a subordinate position (prime minister) to generally tough Medvedev once again proves that Russia is run by a force which commands both Putin and Medvedev. If he were independent, Putin would have certainly changed the constitution to allow himself the third presidential term or to shift the state power to prime minister before becoming one. Apparently, Putin was told to play it nice and step down from the presidential office.
Who is that force, we can guess easily. Putin exercises unimpeded control over both FSB and oligarchs, and so the force can be only external: the US Administration. Months before the Russian elections, Condi Rice boosted Putin’s stance among Russians with otherwise silly micro-installation of anti-ballistic missiles in Poland and Czech. Useless in strategic terms, the ABM allowed Putin to take anti-American stance so popular with Russian voters. Putin started his term with Chechen war, and fittingly ended it with ABM crisis.
Only the US Administration can guarantee Putin safety of the tens of billions of dollars he holds in his foreign bank accounts and shares.

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