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For all he did to Gush Katif, we may wish him to live long now

Olmert visited Japan to present its intelligence service Israeli data on North Korea’s weapons activities, particularly ballistic missile technology transfer to Iran.
Olmert met Condi Rice in Japan.
North Korea predictably flouts its commitment to end and dismantle its nuclear program.
Israel, US seek a solution against the possibly nuclear North Korea, and seek the support of Japan, Korea’s traditional enemy.

Chief of IDF Central Command Shamni told Shimon Peres that Hamas would take over Judea and Samaria in a matter of days if Israel withdraws.

IDF Military Intelligence chief Yadlin told the Knesset that Iran will have nuclear weapons by 2010. The previous estimate was 2009.
Even Meretz MK called Iran “the biggest existential threat to Israel.” He is wrong: we can deal with Iran, but our biggest threat is Jewish leftists like those from Meretz.

Nazareth court denied the petition by captured Hezbollah’s fighters to be treating as POWs rather than criminals. The court called Hezbollah “Iranian assassins.”
If it looks like a duck and flies like a duck, then before the law it is a duck: but Israel refuses recognizing Hezbollah as a legitimate military group.
If Hezbollah is a bunch of Lebanese criminals, Israel had no right to bomb the country of Lebanon over their mischief. If they’re Iranian proxy, as the Israeli court declared, then Israel have to retaliate against Iran.

The movie Beaufort describes bewildered, empty Israeli soldiers running from Lebanon.

An Arab shopkeeper in a village near Jerusalem sold Russian tourists counterfeited vodka, sending two tourists to hospital in critical condition.

Residents of the bombarded Israeli town of Sderot demand that the IDF installs the laser anti-rocket defense system Skyguard, available immediately from the American suppliers. The Skyguard is much cheaper than the planned Iron Dome system. Israel curtailed the development of extremely promising laser weapons three years ago as a part of military budget cuts.
Another option is Phalanx anti-rocket artillery system, which is also cheaper than Iron Dome and available immediately.
Both Skyguard and Phalanx are mostly short-range systems, but several installations on Sderot’s outskirts can cover the town.
Amir Peretz preferred the Iron Dome as it provides jobs for his Histadrut constituency, even though it would take years to finish that system while Sderot residents suffer daily.

A Jewish man killed in Sderot by Kassam missile; another Kassam hits factory dining room moments after the workers leave it; four Grad-type missiles hit Ashkelon. Close to fifty rockets fired at Israel.
IDF killed ten Arabs including reportedly three teens in retaliatory strikes.

Israel’s Internet Service Providers will filter indecent content, even though the users can ultimately gain access to it.

Disregarding the protests of leftist loonies, Dan bus company cancels Shabbat lines. We were told three thousand years ago that Shabbat business is not profitable for Jews.

Israeli police chief David Cohen apologized before Druzes for the policemen’ entering their shrine in Pkiin during Arab riots there. The police came to arrest 17 Druzes for throwing bombs, stones, Molotoff cocktails at Jews. Cohen told the Knesset he never saw a riot comparable to Pkiin during his thirty years of service.
In Israeli political mythology, Druzes are a loyal bunch compared to other Israeli Arabs.

February 2008
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