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Olmert announced major progress in fortification of Sderot and the Iron Dome anti-missile system will take place in 2010. So the government expects to do nothing about rocket attacks on Sderot and Ashkelon for the next two years.

of which there are 9,000 by now. IDF will do nothing, as it cannot run all over the country hunting the illegal migrants and clashing with their leftist supporters.

reports Jerusalem Post. Israel seeks integration into the EU institutions and programs, and relations with EU on par with America.

Israel Beitenu set up a Knesset meeting to discuss wider involvement of Israeli Arabs into the National Service, a replacement of the IDF conscription. No one imagines Arabs joining the IDF to fight for Israel. Israel Beitenu cites unspecified polls stating that 76% of Israeli Arabs would like to volunteer for the National Service but are intimidated by Israeli Arab organizations. Though the 76% figure seems vastly exaggerated, many Arabs indeed want to join the National Service which is unburdensome and allows better job opportunities. An Arab MK from Balad Party slammed Lieberman, declared that “Arab society will consider every volunteer a traitor and a leper.”
Balad means “Motherland,” and the Arabs surely don’t mean Israel.

Thousand of Hamas supporters attended the funeral of a Muslim preacher who died in Fatah jail.

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