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The truce Hamas style should include Israel opening her borders to free flow of goods and Arabs to/from Gaza.
Hamas would use the ceasefire in Gaza to replenish its arsenals, but every Arab country does likewise.

Israel stopped hunting down a number of terrorists from Fatah’s Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade on the condition that they serve a sentence in Palestinian jail. 14 of them left the jail in Schem (Nablus) to protest undisclosed “breach of agreement” with them. A day later, they went back to the prison.

Hadash boss Barakei, along with 2,000 of honest Palestinians and Jewish scum, protested Israel’s security barrier in Bilin.

Almost 10,000 Israelis (not Arabs, of course) drove to Sderot for their Shabbat shopping.

Olmert’s government creates a long-overdue high level commission to reach into the Jewish Diaspora by creating Israeli cultural centers abroad, subsidizing Jewish organizations, etc.
Sohnut example demonstrates that another assimilationist shop won’t solve the problem of dissolving Jewish identity. And the Jewish establishment, eager to associate with Gentiles, won’t introduce Jews to the real Judaism, which is the only way to perpetuate Jewish identity.

Leftists protest Israeli government’s plan to relocate the illegal African migrants to Israel’s north and south borders to work in agriculture. The migrants demand Israeli minimum wages, tens of times more than their income in the places of earlier habitat, and “human rights” groups find it easier to work with their African pets in Tel Aviv.

Speaking at the Minorities Sector Economic Development Authority, Olmert admitted discrimination against Israeli minorities, various breeds of Arabs.
Let them enjoy equality in Jordan. And poor beings, they suffer so much by not being drafted into the IDF, not paying taxes, and ignoring building permits.

to pursue Kurdish separatists supported by Israel.
Iraqi religious gangster Muqtada extended unilateral cease-fire by six months.
Everyone in Iraq and around is waiting for the US withdrawal to launch the real war.

February 2008
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