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Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak offered Turkey to send its troops for peacekeeping in Gaza even though peacekeepers failed miserably in Lebanon and earlier in the Sinai. Barak also promised to invade Gaza against Hamas, and do something bad to Hezbollah, Al-Hayat reports.

Despite Israeli government’s promise to Palestinians to re-open landmark Arab institutions in the eastern Jerusalem, Israeli police keep them shut to prevent incitement and sedition which went on there before the institutions were closed down in 2001. Palestinians take the Orient House and other buildings for a symbols of their sovereignty over the Jewish capital.

Personnel at Zikim base will receive a slight pay increase to compensate for the risk of Kassam rocket fire. Civilians in Sderot receive regular pay.

The infamous ultra-leftist scum Peace Now reports that in the last seven years, the horrendous Jewish settlers received permits for more than 18,000 housing units while poor, poor Arabs – only 91. The leftists’ report is intended for foreign consumption, as any Israeli would laugh at it: Palestinians build without permits, with complete impunity. The Arabs built entire illegal villages, thousands of expensive villas, and even the ghost towns used to stake the land.

Lev Levaev’s Africa-Israel corporation is engaged in numerous construction projects in Jerusalem.

February 2008
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