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Jewish Congress of Germany (oxymoron) followed French and other congresses which threaten to leave European Jewish Congress after the takeover by Russian nuovo riche Kantor. One of those Jews who suddenly became rich and Jewish, Kantor supports various anti-Semitic activities, including the notorious Holocaust Memorial Festival used to whitewash the Nazi collaborator countries of Ukraine, Poland, and Latvia.
After being elected EJC president, Kantor arranged an executive body’s decision extending his term from 2 to 4 years. That type of behavior is typical of Russian oligarchs taking over companies and organizations, but somewhat shocked the European Jews.

Israeli-Palestinian negotiations will venture away from the three “core issues” to the seven simpler ones. The non-core negotiations will be conducted pompously and openly.
Humiliatingly, Israeli delegation is headed by a foreign-to-Israel minister Tzipi Livni, while Palestinians are represented by Qurei who has no official, let alone a ministerial status.

A third of Americans think Jews are more loyal to Israel than to the US, according to JDL. If only that were true.

Israel’s State Comptroller Lindenstrauss complains to the Knesset that Shimon Peres’ (presidential) office refused disclosing its financial affairs, which are doubtlessly dirty.

Hamas accused Fatah of violating the long-standing Judenrein policy, enforced in Jordan and Palestine, which bars Jews from buying or leasing land there. Fatah denounced the accusations, explaining that the only foreigners allowed to buy land in its territory are foreign Palestinians, and not Jews.

Mad leftists of Israeli Supreme Court ordered the Jewish National Fund to lease even the lands developed with private Jewish donations to Palestinians.

February 2008
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