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Delegation of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations visited Ramallah, met with Fatah bookkeeper (Palestinian non-state’s “prime minister”) Fayad who told them that “peace process” is not moving sufficiently fast. Their visit to Palestine – the place at war with Israel – is high treason. The Jewish quislings will continue pressing Israeli government for more concessions to Arab enemies.

US Administration allocates $218 million for Fatah which continues paying salaries to Al Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigades.

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni announces the upcoming “peace” deal with the Palestinians will cut out parts of Israel – that’s besides Judea , Samaria, and Jerusalem.
Livni reiterated that terrorist attacks on Jews won’t impede peace negotiations with Palestinians.

EU ambassador to Israel lambasted Israel as being to slow to remove checkpoints, which are such an annoyance to Palestinians as they prevented scores of terrorists from infiltrating into Israel.

Pakistani opposition scored landslide win against the supporters of the key US ally General Musharaff. The opposition will necessarily ally itself with Islamic fundamentalists in the parliament to gain 2/3 of the votes to oust Musharaff.
Pakistan, a fervently Islamic country whose population strongly supports Al Qaeda, has about 53 nuclear bombs.

Under the pressure of “animal rights” groups (that’s not about voting rights for Israeli Arabs), Israeli Chief Rabbinate mandates more expensive “rotating pen” method of slaughter in Latin America, a major supplier of kosher meat.

One Jonathan SOBinsky who killed three people driving under the influence in Haifa in 2006, is only sentenced to three years in prison.

IDF soldiers are almost banned from shooting at Palestinians. Israeli Knesset took Smoking Kills slogan to heart, and also banned smoking at the IDF bases. Next thing you know, it would be illegal for soldiers to swear.

Ahead of UNSC deliberation on the third round of worthless sanctions against Iran, Iran signed agreement with Russian gas monopoly Gazprom for developing Iran’s largest South Pars field.

February 2008
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