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The Knesset Law Committee approved a bill that declares any gather of “racist or Nazi” groups illegal, subject to imprisonment. The bill is superfluous for punishing Israeli Nazis, as ample body of laws is available to that end. The bill targets Jewish conservative activists.
The Knesset introduced the concept of racism in 1980s to ban the meteoric rise of Rabbi Meir Kahane’s Kach Party which campaigned on a commonsense platform that Arabs will never be loyal citizens of a Jewish state. The Knesset defined racism as “advocating against a group” – which, as R. Kahane pointed out, allows for arbitrary banning of every political party in Israel.
In the wake of negotiations with Palestinians over the division of Jerusalem, Olmert’s government expects mass protests orders of magnitude larger than those that took place in support of Gush Katif. It is imperative, therefore, to ban such gatherings. Olmert lacksif. It is imperative, therefore, to ban such gatherings. Olmert lacks the political power of Sharon who was able to straightforwardly criminalize the dissent with his policies (that’s true, peaceful opposition to disengagement from Gaza is a criminal offense in Israel). The Knesset, therefore, lumps Jewish conservatives (“the racists”) together with Nazis and bans them both.

Israeli tanks, bulldozers, aircraft, and the elite Sayeret Matkal commando unit attacked huts in Gaza, killed three Palestinian guerrillas and one civilian, engaged in firefight with Hamas and PIJ, and withdrew.
Barak and Olmert use such disproportionally expensive operations to show Israelis that they do a lot, yet can do nothing against Arab terrorism, and so acceding to Palestinian political demands is Israel’s only option.

UN envoy for human (non-Jewish) affairs Holmes criticized Hamas for firing Kassam rockets at civic installations in Israel: “There’s no military target.” Would it change anything if Hamas starts firing at the IDF training camps in the Negev?

Hamas leaders don’t use their phones, avoid public speeches for the fear of being targeted by Israel.

Israeli government discusses fortifying Sderot’s public buildings. How about fortifying the ministers’ heads? A concrete shield would do.

Jewish organizations worldwide scream about the Catholic Good Friday prayer which somewhat chides Jews for not recognizing Christian values promptly.
Jews, of course, have no business about Christian prayers, and our own prayers are fairly critical of other peoples.
But Jewish leaders are offended that after all their efforts to sell the Jewish state and the nation, Christians still don’t treat them as equals.

February 2008
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