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positions (unrealistic report by Lebanese Saphir newspaper) 50,000 its men along the border with Israel.
Kill ‘em all, no?

Tens of thousands of dead fish in the lake

Israel heavily subsidizes her education, also for Arabs. That doesn’t help the Arabs, as by far most Arab graduates of Jewish universities cannot find skilled jobs in Israel and 42% of Arab female graduates are altogether unemployed (report by Sikkui, Jerusalem Post).
No wonder. If Arabs failed to create a civilization in almost two thousand years, why would they suddenly grow intelligent in Israeli universities?

Ayman Fayed of Palestinian Islamic Jihad in Gaza, his wife, daughter, and neighbors (whoa!) went to the heaven when his house in Bureij “refugee camp” blew up.
IDF denies responsibility, PIJ vows revenge.

Hamas released videotaped confessions of several would-be assassins who claim receiving money and instructions from Fatah in the West Bank.

UN undersecretary for humanitarian (that is, not for Jews) affairs Holmes toured Gaza, was shocked by the Palestinian misery, and blamed it on the Israeli border restrictions.
Might he blame Gazans’ misery on their voting for Hamas, or perhaps on PIJ firing Kassams on Sderot?

French people whose grandparents enthusiastically helped the Germans to deport French Jews to their deaths, oppose Sarkozy’s daring plan of Holocaust education in French schools. The plan will require each ten-year-old French to learn a short life story of one of the 11,000 French Jewish children perished in Holocaust. The protesters assert the truth would be unbearable for the young French. Let’s see.

according to Der Spiegel. That was our conclusion long ago, after Hezbollah refused proof-of-life for them, and considering the low level of hysteria in government-controlled Israeli media over Regev and Goldwasser as compared to Shalit.

Meretz offered to support Olmert’s government if Shas quits. Meretz traitors would love to preside over the division of Jerusalem with Palestinians.

The traditional Jewish blessing was realized in an Israeli Arab woman, born in 1888 and still alive. Mariam Amash has over 250 great-grandchildren.
Talk of the demographic threat.

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