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Palestinian fighter stubbed an Israeli soldier at a checkpoint near Jenin. The other soldiers merely restrained the attacker instead of killing him on the spot. Israeli soldiers are routinely arrested, tried, jailed for shooting the Arabs.

Olmert reassured Israelis that his government won’t negotiate Jerusalem status until the last stage in the peace process. Sure. And at the last moment, the government would say, “We have already reached the peace, we the Israelis only need to agree for this small concession on Arab-settled districts of Jerusalem which we don’t use, anyway. Would we reject peace merely because of the East Jerusalem?” Leaving the Jerusalem issue for the last stage only assures the concession, as the entire pressure which is now dispersed over several issues will be concentrated on Jerusalem.

In the effort to stem the mass migration of Israeli Arabs to the cities developed by Jews, Interior Minister Sheetrit announced establishing a new Arab city in Galilee. Jews don’t have enough money to fortify Sderot, but build a city for Arabs. Good Jews.

for holding off the approval for thousands of housing units to be built in the areas of Jerusalem which Palestinians imagine to receive in the peace process.

February 2008
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