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Salaam Al Aviyat. That’s kind of odd in view of the expected release of the Tanzim leader Barghouti, so far jailed in Israel.

Israeli government’s failure to halt the continuing rain of Kassam rockets on Sderot puts pressure on Shas to leave the government. The persistent stream of information on the secret negotiations between Israeli government and Fatah over Israeli capitulation to the Arab enemy (“the peace process”) add to the pressure. In response to the recent revelation of such talks in Jerusalem Post, Shas promises to quit the government. To prevent Shas from living, a convicted sexual offender dubbed prime minister Haim Ramon announced that no more than a vague declaration of principles could be signed by the year’ end.
Even the renegades from UTJ would hesitate to replace Shas in Olmert’s government which works to divide Jerusalem with Muslims.
As public approval of Olmert improves, both Netanyahu and Barak show interest in early elections.

Gates announced an expected delay of the summer pullout (an advertised condition of the surge) of US troops from Iraq.

Leftist Attorney General Mazuz announced that homosexuals may adopt Jewish children (implied: and debauch them).

Israel stopped hunting down 32 wanted Palestinian terrorists of Fatah/ Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in recognition of their loyalty: the Arabs refrained from carrying out terrorist acts against Jews for the incredible three months. Their Al Aqsa colleagues took care of the terrorist business during their absence.

Israeli investigative journalist Yoav Yitzhak published secret police materials concerning numerous criminal investigations of Avigdor Lieberman. Concerning his meeting with PLO leadership to lobby the interests of Jewish mogul Martin Schlaff, Lieberman testified that it happened after he left Likud and before forming his own Israel Beitenu party.

Israeli police detained conservative activists Ben Gvir, Eskin for burning Ukrainian flag near Ukrainian embassy protesting the officially condoned Ukrainian anti-Semitism. Among the charges the police brought against the activists was defaming the Ukrainian flag.

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