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Israel returns the corpses of two Palestinian terrorists who killed a 73-year-old, wounded forty in Dimona. Arabs never give Jewish bodies away, but only exchange them. Burning the Arab terrorists bodies covered in pig skins would do a better justice to killed, maimed Jews.

Israeli FM Livni rejected the possibility of “peace” with Palestinians while Kassam rockets are being fired on Sderot.

Olmert announced that IDF killed more than 200, wounded hundreds of good Palestinian terrorists in the recent months. The number of Kassam rockets fired from Gaza on Israel had only increased.

Israel’s Interior Minister Sheetrit proposed that the IDF warns a neighborhood in Gaza, offers residents time to leave, and wipes out the neighborhood.
The first two steps seem superfluous.

According to State Comptroller, the number of pupils in ultra-Orthodox schools grew by 141% from 1992, while in the same period enrollment in state schools increased by mere 3.6%.
The Comptroller also noted the total lack of control over the school construction funds allocated by the government to haredim.
Oddly, the Jewish State’s Comptroller is also concerned about the supposedly inadequate school facilities for Israeli Arabs. Any number of schools is too much for the future terrorists.

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Yona Metzger, whose integrity is often questioned, prohibited single women from attending ritual mikve (Yisrael) bath. Post-menstrual mikveh bath is a pre-condition of sexual relations. Metzger imagines the modern religious women who ignore the biblical prohibition of extra-martial sex would be deterred from sex by being unable to perform ritual bathing.
The Torah mandates that participants in pre-marital sex eventually marry. There is no straightforward prohibition of extra-marital sex for divorced men and women.

Leader of Lebanese Druzes Jumblatt promises a war against Hezbollah if it continues destabilizing Lebanon. Interestingly, Jumblatt announced that Druzes would fight Hezbollah with its own rockets, implying that Druzes now have full access to Hezbollah’s rocket arsenals.

February 2008
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