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Palestinian rocket hit near playground in Negev. Two sisters, twelve and two years, wounded by shrapnel. Their mother is in the hospital too, suffering from shock.

In a futile attempt to prevent terrorist infiltration, Israel will build section of a wall on the border with Egypt. The wall will be erected near Eilat and Nitzana. The cost of wall sections is estimated at $250 million, likely to be exceeded during the construction. Palestinians have already scaled the wall in other areas with cheap ladders. A fixed-position satellite costs less, but the wall allows government officials and contractors to steal more.

Fatah’s official newspapers, including Al Hayat Al Jadida controlled by Abbas heaped praise on the two suicide bombers who killed an elderly Jewish woman, wounded 39 Jews in Dimona.

Rabbis have foiled Israeli government’s struggle to step up fake conversions. After the Knesset adopted an absurd law recognizing as Jew anyone with a Jewish great-grandfather, the Jewish Agency flooded Israel with 200-800 thousands of fake Jews and non-Jews. Unable to deport them, Israeli government wants to gloss the problem over by converting them. Only about 2,000 convert each year while most are unwilling to become religious Jews. American reformist gang joined the government’s efforts to dilute Jewish identity. Israeli government formed a new Conversion Authority which, however, have only added sixty rabbinical judges to speed up the bureaucracy.
Jewish law positively forbids encouraging converts or otherwise facilitating the conversion.

Israel is bent on severely punishing Hamas’ electorate. Acting on the Supreme Court’s sanction, Israel will on Thursday reduce power supply to Gaza by the whopping 5% in one of the ten feeders. If Hamas is not toppled immediately afterwards, more horrific power cuts will follow: 5% in another two feeders.

Three rockets fired from Gaza hit Ashkelon. Palestinian terrorists obtained Grad rockets to reliably target a major Israeli city. Israeli government abandoned Sderot to extinction but would have to act upon rocket attacks on Ashkelon.

IDF announced it intercepted a truck with Israeli license plates carrying 1800 lbs of the fertilizer used for making explosives on the border with Gaza.

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