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Arabs launched anti-tank rocket at IDF soldiers near Gaza. Other friendly Arabs stoned Jewish car near Schem. No damages or casualties.

According to IDF General Staff report, Chief of Staff Dan Halutz was seen in the war room just once during the entire Lebanon war.

No casualties. I don’t even know where the place is, but even there they hate Jews.

Israel’s international Ben Gurion Airport has a rate of incidents suitable for a third-world country. Today, again, a traffic inspector nearly crushed Israeli jet into a Turkish aircraft.

64 Iraqis killed, more wounded by two female suicide bombers. The attacks revert the violence in Iraq back to the pre-surge level.

Barak lied to his voters when promising to quit Olmert’s government after the publication of Winograd report. Now that Winograd report exonerates Olmert and his popularity rose dramatically, Olmert in power becomes unacceptable to Barak. The longer Olmert stays, the better his approval ratings would likely become. At the same time, Barak looses his rating as he does nothing to stop rocket attacks from Gaza. Barak, therefore, has to unseat Olmert immediately to prevent further deterioration of Barak’s electoral position. Replacing Olmert with a weak nominee from Kadima is the best solution for Barak. His decision is expected over the weekend.

Israeli Arabs protest the Attorney General’s decision exonerating police for killing the 13 Arab rioters in 2000.

Egypt fails to halt the flow of donkeys and pedestrians from Gaza as the wall is blown up.

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