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As a result of his indictment on less-than-rape charges, former Israeli president Katsav will lose about $300,000 of annual benefits. Top Israeli officials receive that much in pension benefits.

Financial Action Task Force, the official international money-laundering watchdog, declared that Iran is not engaged in money laundering and terrorist financing anymore. Oh yeah.

Lithuania is a pathetic country which calls itself a state. American heavily supports Lithuania against Russia. In the Holocaust, Lithuanians exterminated 98% of their 220,000-strong Jewish community, the largest percentage of all countries. Lithuanians rather than Nazis carried out hunts and shootings of Jews.
Dr. Arad, a former Soviet guerrilla in Lithuania and a director of Yad Vashem, published memoirs detailing him killing Lithuanians during the WWII. Based on his memoirs, Lithuania filed criminal charges against 81-year-old Arad and sought him in Israel.
Shimon Peres conducted a friendly meeting with Lithuanian foreign minister.

Transportation Ministry vetoed the decision by Dan bus lines to cancel Shabbat buses

Jerusalem court charged a police officer Mehager with grievous assault, etc. Mehager, among other policemen, wantonly beat Jewish protesters seating on the floor of a house in Amona. Many other policemen were spared injunction for the similar crimes in Amona. Mehager filed counter-complaint against police charging having received orders for brutality.
The evacuation of Amona, a tiny hamlet dubbed “illegal outpost” was exceedingly brutal by Israeli standards, but nothing special compared to repressions against demonstrators even in the Vietnam-era America.

Loyal Arab members of Israeli Knesset lambasted the decision by Israeli Supreme Court to ban a mourning rally for George Habash, an arch-terrorist and the founder of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine.
Israel routinely allows her Arabs to rally in support of the PLO.

A family in Sderot went into shock when Kassam rocket slammed into their house as they were having a dinner. It remains unknown whether they prayed properly before the meal.

Bush refused direct talks with Iran, though such talks repeatedly took place in Baghdad on the level of ambassadors.
Bush declared he won’t negotiate with a state which puts people in prison for their political beliefs, meaning Iran. Mind you, Israel keeps a lot of Jews (forget the Arabs) in jail specifically because of their political beliefs. The list of jailed Jewish dissidents includes teenage boys and girls, as well as elderly Jews. Some Jews still languish in jail on Ariel Sharon’s law which made open dissent with disengagement from Gaza a punishable offense. Jews are routinely arrested in Israel for trivial political expressions, down to the recent “desecration” of Ukrainian flag by Jewish activists protesting the official Ukrainian anti-Semitism. It was in Israel, not in Iran where a Jewish girl named Tatiana Soskina served three years in jail for painting “prophet” Mohammed as a pig.

Archaeologists found the Hebrew seal in the City of David, dated in eighth century B.C.E. So yes, Jerusalem definitely is a capital of Palestinians.

According to the leftist scum Yossi Beilin, Hamas passed to Israel two such offers in the recent weeks. Though we know of one such offer, two are not unlikely.
Israel, however, is bent on ignoring Hamas, preferring instead the fake peace partner of Fatah.

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