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In the unique briefing, Musharaff’s general tried to reassure the West that Pakistan’s regime is capable of safeguarding its nukes. Reportedly, 10,000 Pakistani soldiers guard the nukes so as to make them inaccessible to Islamists. But how may of those soldiers are themselves devoted Muslims?

Vatican ambassador to Israel blamed Jewish state for the severe crisis in Gaza, and called on Egypt, other Arab countries to resolve the issue.

Young Palestinian stubbed Israeli Border policeman when the police stopped him for questioning near Jerusalem.

A thousand left-wingers of Jewish origin demonstrated at Erez Crossing in support of the Palestinian enemy. The schizophrenic Jews also chanted support for the Jews of Sderot whom the very same Palestinians keep shelling.

Gaza’s Arabs don’t heed the Egyptian ultimatum to return home by Friday.

The arch-terrorist Geroge Habash, the leader of PFLP, peacefully died in friendly Jordan.

Ehud Barak finally confirms he lied to his voters when promising to leave Israeli government after Winograd report. In the interview to Washington Times, Barak divulged that Iran maintains a secret nuclear research facility, enriches uranium at Natanz, and works on nuclear warhead.

Leftist Attorney General Mazuz refused indicting any Israeli policemen involved in killing of 13 Palestinians during the 2000 Arab riots. Mazuz’ refusal doesn’t rest on the principle that it is perfectly legitimate to kill rioting Arabs on the spot, but on the technical lack of evidence against any particular Israeli policeman. Mazuz suggesting opening seven-year-old Arab graves and examining the bullets to determine which Israeli policemen deserve praise for protecting Jewish civilians against rioting Arabs, or maybe for indicting the policemen.

Tens of thousands of Gaza’s Arabs stream into the Egyptian-occupied Sinai, preventing Egypt from closing its border with Gaza. Egypt risks that Israel would use absence of Egypt-Gaza border as a pretext to leave Gaza to Egypt’s care. Influx of Palestinians can destabilize Egypt, as it destabilized Jordan and Lebanon before. Egypt will try pushing Hamas to leave Gaza-Egypt border control to Fatah, and then Egypt will agree to some kind of cross-border movement instead of the previous blockade of Gaza. Failing to do that, Egypt would be forced to shoot at the Gazans to close the border.

The anti-Semites forming Israeli Supreme Court upheld petitions by ultra-left self-hating Jews, and ordered government of Israel to restore fuel supply to Gaza to the comfortable level of 2,200 tons per week.
Israeli Supreme Court remained unconcerned with several issues:
1. Wellbeing of Jews in Sderot, Negev, and Ashkelon. Hamas which showers them with rockets was duly elected by Gaza’s civilians.
2. Lack of jurisdiction. The blockade is part of Israeli war effort. By the same token, Israeli Supreme Court can rule the 1967 preemption illegitimate or start legally managing any other war.
3. Judicial precedents. The same Supreme Court routinely denies petitions by conservative Jews on the grounds that government’s decisions are political and as such fall beyond the court’s jurisdiction.
4. Diplomatic situation. Israel fully disengaged from Gaza, and control of border crossings doesn’t mean that Israel still occupies Gaza. Besides, Gaza has an alternative supply route from Egypt.
5. The common sense which argues against supplying fuel to the country that shells your territory.
Why doesn’t the Supreme Court rule against the Arab oil boycott of Israel?
Israeli Supreme Court operates on the fictional judicial maxim, Let justice triumph even if that makes Rome fail.

Shabak security service arrested twenty Arab citizens of Israel who run two-way arms trade. The Arabs bought advanced weapons from Jewish gangs and sold them to Tanzim terrorist group, and purchased basic firearms from Tanzim for sale to Jewish criminals.

In August 2007, IDF’s helicopter dropped Gigi’s unit in an Arab village near Hebron where the soldiers were supposed to patrol on foot – an order close to death sentence. To save his soldiers, Gigi hijacked Arab taxi and strangled the driver to keep him from rallying the neighboring Arabs against the soldiers. When another Arab ran at the car with spade, Gigi ordered to shoot him non-lethally. Soon, the soldiers returned the car to its owner and left. Yaacov Gigi sentenced to 15 months in prison for hijacking Arab taxi and shooting a Palestinian.

A Lebanese who translated for Saddam during his interrogation by the US forces, answered the two most puzzling questions in the interview to CBS. According to Saddam, he boasted having WMD to deter Iran, even though he had none. Iraq attacked Kuwait after its US-backed princeling arrogantly told Iraq’s Foreign Minister that Kuwait would not share the revenues it received from Iraqi oil fields during Iran-Iraq war, and would love to see all Iraqi women prostituting for $10.

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