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Egypt contained new attempts by Gaza’s Arabs to sneak into the Egyptian-occupied Sinai. Hamas, accordingly, declared that next time half a million of Palestinian Arab would march at Erez Crossing with Israel.
The Hamas move follows exactly Obadiah Shoher’s analysis of Palestinian tactics changing from terrorism to human waves. The Palestinian students of Mao Zedong and Ho Chi Minh surely know about that step toward “national liberation” from Jews.
There is nothing that liberal Israel can do against half a million of Palestinian “civilian” breaking the border and into Israel.

Jerusalem, meant to be the eternal Jewish capital, is surrounded by Arab “refugee camps.” Never mind the “refugees” live there for four generations. Anti-Semitic Israeli Supreme Court a while ago ruled that police must remove the roadblocks at those “refugee camps” (and allow Palestinian terrorists freedom to kill Jews). Today Palestinian terrorists from a Fatah-allied unit killed twenty-year-old Jewish policeman near Shuafat “refugee camp.”

Two Palestinians infiltrated Mehor Hayim high school run under auspices of Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz. School officials meeting in classrom at the time, however, overpowered, killed the two Arabs before they had a chance to fire.
The terrorists had only one pistol and a knife, suggesting they are not a part of any organization but represent grassroots Palestinian activism. Izz ad-Din Kassam Brigades claimed the attack.

January 2008
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