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After Palestinian guerrillas blew the barrier that separates Gaza from Egypt, 350,000 Palestinians streamed into Egypt-occupied Sinai. Palestinian terrorists will use the occasion to bring weapons and cash into Gaza. Other Palestinians meant to buy food in Egypt, though UNRWA delivers them (for 60 years) enough food.
Hamas cooperated in blowing the barrier with Egypt: sealed some part of the broken barrier and directed the human traffic through two openings.
Egypt behaved reasonably, accepting the desperate Palestinian crowd, but then forcing it back to Gaza. Egyptian police, however, dispersed a few hundred Egyptians demonstrating in Cairo in support of Gazans. Egypt cooperates with Israel in sealing Gaza off by keeping Egypt-Gaza border generally shut.
Israel is lucky Palestinians didn’t break the Israel-Gaza barrier. Israeli Army, obsessed with humanism, won’t shoot at the crowd, and the Palestinians could just as easily break from their zoo into Israel.
Israel had already broken the blockade of Gaza, delivered fuel for Gaza’s power plant (besides uninterrupted supply of electricity from Israel), delivered some food and other items.

UN Human Rights committee passed a resolution condemning Israeli blockade of Gaza. Muslim members of UNHRC (oxymoron, but true) approved the resolution while the European countries merely abstained. Are they paralyzed by fear of Muslims or encouraged by anti-Semitism?
Of course, it’s okay for Muslims to institute an oil blockade of Israel, and was equally okay for Europeans to blockade Israel against the US arms deliveries in the Yom Kippur War.

Two years after disengaging from Gaza, Israel struggles to abandon the hostile territory. Israel embraced the opening of Gaza’s border with Egypt as an opportunity to transfer the responsibility for Gaza to Egypt. Egypt strenuously opposes Israeli attempts.
Israeli Supreme Court will decide whether it is permissible for the Jews to abandon their mortal enemies and refuse supplying them water, fuel, electricity, food, medicines, prostitutes, and the right of passage.

Yad Vashem – Smith poll found 30% of Israeli Arabs claiming they have never heard about Holocaust. The half million of our local ahmadinejads form the fifth column.

Twice as many Arabs entered the National Service, a laid back alternative to the army conscription. The number of loyal Arab youth reached the whopping 240 people.

US liaisons to the Palestinian Authority routinely refuse so much as to open car windows and present their IDs at the Israeli checkpoints. The latest incident includes the US security coordinator Dayton, Jerusalem Post reports.
In 1948 the US military attache Archibald had a habit of flying his plane in Israel without regard to the established air corridors. After duly warning the attache, Israelis shot at the plane.

January 2008
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