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Olmert rejected the need for the final status agreement with Palestinian Arabs to be approved by Israeli public on referendum or even early elections. According to Olmert, people’s representatives in the Knesset are empowered to abandon Jewish land to Arab enemies.

After the senior staff in Israeli universities ended its three-month strike by extorting generous kickbacks from the government in return for the lousy teaching, junior staff wants to follow the suit. Junior staff lacks the employment rights of the senior who deliberately built a barrier against newcomers, draining Israeli universities of young bright lecturers.

After Israel blockaded Gaza in response to Kassam rocket barrages from the hostile territory, food supplies in Gaza will dwindle to nil in the next two days. A place with five-day food supplies need no statehood.

Israeli government, media grew hysterical in the recent days over Hezbollah’s claim of holding partial remains of a single Israeli soldier. A sensible person won’t understand what’s the big deal: okay, let Hezbollah enjoy the remains. Israeli government is desperate to conclude a prisoners swap with Hezbollah to get one to three Israeli MIA’s for at least 1,400 of Arab terrorists.

After the US pressure on India caused several delays, India delivered Israeli TecSar spy satellite into orbit. The satellite employs advances synthetic aperture radar instead of cameras, and has resolution of just 4 inches. TecSar, as well as other Israeli spy satellites will show the Iranian nuclear facilities Israel failed to bomb.

The government reportedly decided that all new construction in Jerusalem must be pre-approved by prime minister or defense minister, just like in the controversial settlements. Prime minister’s office denies the reports. Jerusalem mayor Lupolyanski vows to defy Israeli government’s decision. Almost 200,000 Jews live in the overcrowded neighborhoods affected by Olmert’s decision.

At Kadima’s meeting, Olmert announced that Gazans should walk rather than drive, as Israel cut fuel supplies to the enemy territory.
Israeli only reduced power supply to Gaza by 20% through fuel cuts.
Barak allowed “emergency” deliveries of fuel and medicines to Gaza.
UNRWA screams it cannot distribute food aid to our enemies (which it does for the last sixty years) because it is running out of plastic bags. Let them carry lentils in pockets.

January 2008
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