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The leaked information on Winograd report indicates that the commission accepted a doze of common sense: army rather than a prime minister is responsible for shortcomings during the war. Winograd report won’t blame Olmert too harsh. Barak, therefore, would be able to renege on his pre-election promise of leaving the government upon publication of Winograd report.

Israeli Army successfully tested a two-stage nuclear-capable Jericho III ballistic missile with up to 3,000 miles range and 2,000 lbs payload.

Archaeological dig outside the Old City of Jerusalem produced a seal of the Temech family mentioned in the Book of Nehemiah 7:55 as returning from the Babylonian exile.

Tel Aviv court slapped Best Buy with $20,000 fine for employing Jews on Shabbat. Technically, the company transgressed a labor rather than religious law: generally, no Israeli can be employed on the day his religion sets as a holiday, even if he is atheist. Many Israeli companies employ Jews on Shabbat, and thousands of fines are issued annually with dozens of cases decided by courts. The judge strove to dress the religious prohibition in social terms by declaring that the Sabbath law means the families to enjoy the same day of rest together. In religious terms, the law is nonsensical, as the commandment prohibits anyone working on Shabbat “in your town.”

In a compromise deal reached with *some* leaders of the settler movement, Israeli Army will destroy 18 Jewish hamlets in Judea and Samaria, partially moving them inside the existing settlements, and legalize the eight outposts built on Jewish-owned land. Olmert doubts the US would accept the arrangement. The settler movement would likely disagree, too: no one meant spending seven years to establish the eight hamlets. The outposts’ value is a statement of staking the Jewish land, and dismantling the 18 outposts, even on paper, greatly impinges on that task.

Failing to cut electricity or fuel supplies to Gaza, Barak opted to close the crossing and blockade the hostile territory. The new sanctions would not live long.

Kineret is close to its lowest winter level ever, at 65% of average water capacity. Israeli continues uninterrupted water supply to Gaza.

IDF kills top Tanzim leader in Fatah-occupied Judea and Samaria, a 24-year-old Sanakra. Israeli government mulls release of jailed Tanzim leader Barghouti. Tanzim is an offshoot of Abbas’ Fatah.
Realistically, IDF cannot kill out all the potential leaders of Arab resistance. British police scores many successes against Jewish guerrillas before 1947, but Jews eventually evicted the British from Palestine.

The third shipment of enriched uranium from Russia allows Iran to put the Bushehr nuclear reactor hot in summer 2008. The stories of its civil-only use are nonsense: any such reactor allows periodic harvesting of weapons-grade plutonium. Even if Russia suspends further shipments of enriched uranium pending the return of spend uranium rods from Iran, the delivered quantity of uranium allows Ahmadinejad to produce several plutonium nuclear bombs.

After the infamous intelligence estimate on the absence of Iranian nuclear program, CIA continues prostituting itself to the political interests. CIA announced that Al Qaeda-affiliated group killed the ultra-corrupt “opposition leader” Benazir Bhutto. Oh yeah, sure, Islamists have killed their best hope against Musharaff. Obviously, Musharaff has ordered Bhutto’s assassination, and for good: Pakistani nukes are somewhat safer in his hands.

Rabbi Meir Kahane ZT’L HY’D

Jewish Press July 21, 1972

Among the reasons given by opponents of the argument to openly declare the territories liberated in June, 1967 as part of the Land of Israel, is the one that such a step would inundate Israel with Arabs and, with the passage of time, wipe away a Jewish majority and consequently a Jewish State. Such people point to the enormous disparity in the Arab and Jewish birthrate (the Arab is among the highest in the world and the Jewish is among the lowest) and declare that to make the West Bank or Gaza Arabs full citizens would be to see them become a majority with the passage of time.

I have been waiting for some time to find a suitable opening for an idea that, to me, is crucial in its importance, and this argument of opponents of “liberation” certainly gives it to me. In order to meet the challenges of the Arab birth rate AS WELL AS FOR OTHER VITAL REASONS, the time has come not to timidly retreat in face of it but to meet it with the sublimely simple answer of having Jewish babies.

I can think of few more urgent needs for the Jewish people than that of raising high the slogan of “pru u’rvu,” be fruitful and multiply. Multiply Jewish babies; let the Jewish population grow and be fruitful; let us produce Jews, Jews and more Jews. Less than thirty years ago the Holocaust ripped from us 6 million Jews, a third of the entire nation. Among them were millions of young people and children who, had they lived, by this time would have produced millions more. We lost, not only a vast quantity, but a vital quality. The smallest of peoples became smaller yet, the weakest, weaker yet.

Not only did we lose strength and bodies to keep alive the Jewish Nation but we also lost untold Jewish genius to give voice and reality to the Jewish message and heritage. All this came about because of the Holocaust.

And today, the Land of Israel stands under populated and in need of Jews. Jews to assure its majority in the land; Jews to man its guns and secure its existence; Jews to create its scholars and scientists and geniuses. We are woefully short of Jews and worse – woefully filled with the un-Jewish, “sophisticated” nonsense that calls for a low birthrate and less and less Jews, yet.

On the one hand, there is none like the Jew to be on the forefront of every cause, whether it is good for the Jew or not. And so, all over the “civilized” world we find Jews moaning over the population growth and smothering us with statistical “proof” that unless people limit their children to two or one or even zero, the world will end on June 12, 2163 when all people will be crushed as the last bit of free space is used up…

In any case, the Jew takes his place in the ranks of the sophisticates who sneer at the “cows” who give birth to many children, who remain enslaved to a family, who are shackled by medieval concepts of conjugal relations being for prosaic procreation rather than “glorious” orgasm. Children, in our sophisticated world, become dangerous enemies of civilization. They threaten the existence of the human species. They are a source of extinction of the human race and they must be strictly limited and, in the case of abortion, eliminated. Then and only then will the earth be freed of the specter of overpopulation and will Woman be able to reach her true creativity and greatness of potential.

My own feelings are that if the non-Jewish population of this earth feels the need to limit its growth that is certainly its own affair and more power to it. As for Jews, however, for once let us remain backward and unprogressive. For once, let us not be dazzled by the need to follow in the ranks of the non-Jews and to be “like all the other nations.” Let others abstain, limit and eliminate. For us, let the slogan be – Have Jewish Babies.

They killed a third of our people in the Holocaust and we lose countless each year through assimilation and intermarriage. The answer? Have more Jewish babies. How many? AT LEAST as many as the Arabs. The Jewish woman is limited and unfulfilled, hampered and oppressed by babies. The answer? Drop the sterile, depressing and suicidal Playboy concept of life and return to an understanding of what a beautiful thing the Jewish family life, center of woman’s and man’s existence, is; and have more Jewish babies.

The land of Israel stands today magnificent in size and opportunity. The moment has come to fill its empty fields and barren mountain sides, to close the gaps in its security and defense, to populate the land that is ours and that never dare be returned. How? By having Jewish babies and having them grow up to be men and women who will spit in the eyes of a world that thinks that it can wipe us out. In memory of the little babies who burned in Auschwitz let us have little babies in Jerusalem. To replace the little boys and girls who perished in Treblinka and Warsaw let us have strong little Jewish boys and girls in Tel Aviv and Hebron and Golan and Rafiah. Let us stand on Hitler’s symbolic grave and greet him daily with the news of another huge increase in Jews.

If India seeks to limit its growth, it is none if my business or that if any Jew. If China wishes to stop having children, Jewish lips should be sealed. If White Anglo Saxon Protestants or Afro-Americans or Irish Catholics want to push for Zero Population Growth, I believe in a policy of strict non-intervention. But as for Jews – let us be fruitful and multiply. There remains in the end, no more important and beautiful thing than yet another Jewish child, yet another Jewish wedding to produce many Jewish children, yet another little one who will laugh in the faces of Jewish enemies and say: You see, we continue to live.

Friends of Efrat – the relevant Jewish charity

January 2008
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