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The US president shed tears on the official visit to Yad Vashem Holocaust memorial. Bush, however, uses the peace process to drive Israel into the Auschwitz borders of the eight-mile-wide state.
Bush acquiesced to compensation to the fourth-generation descendants of Palestinian refugees rather than allowing them to resettle in Israel. But if they are entitled to compensation, then obviously they were wrongly evicted, and must be allowed to resettle in Israel. Or, tell that this is the Jewish state, and no Arabs have the right to return to it.
Bush called to the end of Israeli “occupation” of the West Bank. It’s not an occupation. We just conquered the land God told us to conquer, and should we listen to some Bush?
Bush declared that Israel should have “secure and defensible borders.” What kind of a moron calls an eight-mile-wide (pre-1967) state “secure and defensible”?

Rice pushes Israel for the suicidal “peace” arrangement with Palestinian Arabs, but declared it unrealistic to expect the Arabs normalizing their relations with Israel.
Bush and Rice flew to Kuwait, which the US saved from Iraq, but which refused the invitation to Annapolis and supports Al Qaeda.

Israel resumes in full diesel fuel shipments to Gaza, officially recognized as “hostile entity.”

January 2008
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