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and counting mightily, as Israeli government pays pensions to families of fallen soldiers.
That should have been enough to level Lebanon, or pay each active member of Hezbollah a million dollars to commit suicide.

Following the Supreme Court’s decision, Israel will still provide for “basic humanitarian needs” of Hamas voters. Loyal Arab citizens of Israel who filed the petition against the government-ordered cuts in fuel and electricity supply insist that Israel has an obligation to support Gaza.
No group filed a similar suit in Egypt, which also blockades Gaza Strip and supplies it no fuel whatsoever.

By heaping impossible demands on Hamas as a precondition of talks, Fatah shows that like Egypt and Israel it wants to get rid of Gaza. Abbas prefers Gaza under Hamas rule than as unruly territory under nominal Fatah jurisdiction.

Netanyahu, a former business consultant, imagines that affluent Palestinians would be peaceful. Palestinians are much more affluent now than in 1967, but much less peaceful.

Israelis are urged to reduce the consumption of electricity which is still freely supplied to Gaza.

according to Schem University poll in the West Bank and Gaza.

Nasrallah lauded Winograd report as the confirmation of Hezbollah’s victory. Other than that, the report produced no noticeable results.
Israeli Arab MK a-Sana discussed Winograd report with Hezbollah terrorists held in Israeli jail.

Maariv poll indicates that Israelis are finally coming to grips with common sense: 42% want Olmert to stay in power at least until the due elections. Olmert’s government evicted almost no Jewish settlers, gave nothing to Palestinians, fought a reasonable if politically unsustainable Lebanon war, and counters well the US diplomatic aggression. Ehud Barak has already demonstrated his willingness to give Arab enemies Jerusalem, Judea, and Samaria (more than Olmert even discusses now) and Netanyahu reneged on his promises to pull out of Madrid and Oslo accords.

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