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Russia opened previously secret documents relating the capture and subsequent disposition of Hitler’s body. According to the documents, Russians found the body three meters from Hitler bunker. There are several oddities. Two days before, Russians found Himmler’s body at the same place, but subsequent searches failed to produce Hitler’s body. Hitler’s body was found in bomb crater – an unlikely place of burial for the beloved leader. Hitler’s body was thinly covered by earth – a suspicious disrespect. Hitler’s body was burned beyond identification, but miraculously identified by Russian medics in the army’s intelligence unit.

Native Indians of Lakota tribe living in Nebraska and several other US states declared their independence. This right is granted to them by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Native Peoples. Bush Administration stringently opposed the UN declaration for the fear of such independence movements among Native Indians.

Hamas, PIJ, PRC debate whether they can cease firing Kassam rockets into Israel in the expectation that Israel would end retaliatory raids. The cease-fire offer is too good to reject, because it solves the immediate political problem of Kassam rocket attacks on Sderot. On other hand, even an implicit Israeli arrangement with Hamas would legitimize the group and open the way to united Fatah-Hamas government, open the West Bank to Hamas, and end the meager peace process. The cease-fire would allow Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Popular Resistance Committees, and other Palestinian guerrillas to smuggle and stock the explosives and other weapons, dig trenches, lay minefields, and prepare for the next round of confrontation with Israel.

Shimon Peres apologized for the 1956 massacre by Jewish Army in the Palestinian village Kfar Kassem where the inhabitants, including children, were killed basically for the sake of teaching Arabs a lesson and forcing them to leave the strategic area. A single company of soldiers killed the Arabs, while the other companies refused to follow the orders. Ben Gurion intervened on behalf of the Jewish murderers, Israeli Supreme Court shortened the initial sentences, and Israeli President soon pardoned them.

Israel’s Defense Ministry prepared a video of Egyptian policemen in the Sinai helping Palestinian Arabs to smuggle weapons into Gaza. The video was intended for congressmen in the wake of voting on the Egyptian aid package (the US gives Egypt about as much aid as Israel). Israel’s Foreign Ministry scrapped the plan to avoid offending the Egyptians.
The video is one-sided. While some Egyptian policemen help Hamas, others courageously confront the smugglers. Egyptian policeman was killed yesterday during one such encounter.

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