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Ramon acknowledges the Israeli government cannot prevent the spread of “illegal” outposts on the Jewish land, and “extremists undemocratically dictate Israel’s way.” Oh sure, Ramon was very democratic when sexually harassed a Jewish girl, for which he served a sentence.

Knesset adopted a law on negative income tax: a subsidy for low wage earners. That means, Arabs who engage in black market economy.

Kfar Saba court hears a criminal case against three MAGAV officers who conducted the initiation rite over a recruit. MAGAV is a notoriously brutal Israeli Border Police, regularly used against Jewish conservative demonstrators.

Turkey was creative in showing disdain for Condi Rice who visits the country. On the night of Rice’s visit, Turkish forces entered Iraq against the US-supported Kurdish insurgents.

Fayad promised to deliver to Gaza some of the aid international community pledged to Palestinian Authority. Hamas called insufficient aid sharing a declaration of war.

Boss of the idolatrous Catholics in the Land of Israeli, certain Michel Sabbah decried Israeli Jewishness as a discrimination of other religions. Shall we build a few synagogues in Vatican?

Israeli Statistics Bureau cited unemployment in Israel at 6.9%. Unemployment declines since the start of Intifada because Israeli government barred Gaza’s workers from Israel.

The rate is suspiciously low, given the rampant unemployment in Israeli Arab and ultra-Orthodox sectors whose members engage in black market economy.

Syrian dictator Bashar Assad announced that a while ago he turned down an offer from A.Q.Khan to buy some of the Pakistani nuclear bombs. Assad’s statement is highly credible as it implicates Pakistan in the worst type of nuclear proliferation. Assad disclosed so sensitive information about a major Muslim ally probably on request of Musharaff. Pakistan’s president wants to show the world (correctly) that short of his undemocratic rule, Pakistani Islamists would quickly sell the 50-something Pakistani nuclear bombs.
A.Q.Khan ran the Pakistani nuclear program as his private venture, and sold nuclear technologies to Iran, North Korea, Libya, and other countries at his personal discretion, with payments accumulating in his bank accounts. It is widely believed that Pakistan delivered several nuclear warheads to Saudi Arabia in the payoff for Saudi financing of the Pakistani nuclear program. The US sold Saudi Arabia advanced fighter jets capable of delivering nuclear warheads into Israel.

Hamas offered Israel a cease-fire. No Islamic organization can honestly sign a peace deal with non-Muslim state in the “Arab land.” Peres declares no negotiations are needed: just stop firing at Israel and Israel will stop firing back. Why don’t Peres apply the same logic to Fatah and end the peace process? Every time Hamas stops firing at Israel, the groups affiliated with Fatah break the cease-fire, prompting Israeli retaliation against Hamas.

Jewish Supreme Court will hear a case brought by the former Greek Orthodox Patriarch for wrongful dismissal. According to the old tradition, a leader of Greek Orthodox church in the Land of Israel must be approved by whatever government happens to rule the land. Israel shamefully accepted the dismissal of patriarch Ireneos over the Arab screams of him lending the church’s lands to Jews.

Salim Sayoud organized a number of attacks, including the failed attack with a thousand-pound truck bomb intercepted at a checkpoint in 2002. The US Administration demands dismantling checkpoints. Israeli government released more than a thousand Palestinian terrorists this year.

It’s easy: run first, take the government down later

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