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That’s five times the annual US aid to Israel. Arab countries are unlikely to honor their pledges, as they didn’t in the past.

Israeli sanctions and blockade of Gaza failed to diminish the Palestinian support of Hamas, which hovers around a third of the population, new Palestinian poll confirms.

IDF air strike sent Madjad Harazin, the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s military wing in Gaza, to enjoy his seventy hurias.

German FM announced his country won’t help Arabs develop peaceful nukes.

In the pre-election time’ attempt to bolster the peace process, Bush will visit Fatah gangland, other Arab statelets, and Israel in February. US presidents don’t normally visit minor countries, let alone secessionist territories.

Speaking before Winograd Committee, Israel’s Attorney General Mazuz testified that during the 2006 Lebanon war the IDF refused briefings to the full government because it was certain the information would be leaked.
Mazuz also confirmed that Israel relies on double jeopardy to prevent other countries from trying Israeli officers for war crimes. Israeli prosecution stages domestic investigations and Israeli courts acquit the offenders or slap them with minor punishments, so that other countries won;t be able to try them for the same war crimes again.

A “human rights” group Yesh Din published statistics showing that Israeli convicted a whopping 101 IDF soldiers since the year 2000 for “criminal offenses” against Arab enemies. The leftist group cries about the low rate of convictions compared to the number of investigations.

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