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Israeli Arabs keep challenging the policies of Jewish villages which exclude them from living among Jews. It’s not that Arabs want to live among Jews, but Arabs breed too well and feel constrained in their villages. Jewish neighbors are nice, pay municipal taxes, develop infrastructure, and overall make their villages attractive to Arab criminals and parasites. Israeli Supreme Court, suffering from leftist madness, ordered the Jews to give land in their communities to Arabs, challenging thus the very term “community.” Seizing on the opportunity, Arabs filed numerous suites to allow them into the existing villages developed by Jews. Now the Arabs filed a suite to allow them into a new Jewish community of Mei-Ami. In a democratic, ethnic-blind state Arabs should have all the equal rights. But not in the Jewish state.

At the Paris forum, Livni supports raising $5.6 billion for Palestinians. It never occurred, say, to the British to conduct fund-raisers for poor Nazis.

Israeli Military Intelligence prepared an upbeat report: no threat of a major war with Arabs – in the next two years while Arabs are upgrading their arsenals, Iran experiences difficulties with nuclear enrichment and will produce only a single nuclear bomb in 2008, Syria accumulated thousands of mid-range missiles capable of striking anywhere in Israel but doesn’t intend using them.

Knesset adopted a shameful law retroactively refusing Yigal Amir the right of parole. The law bars anyone who killed a prime minister from being released on parole.
Knesset has no problem with Israeli government releasing thousands of terrorists.

17-year Arab murdered Israeli prostitute in Beersheva over the dispute whether her services cost 100 or 150 shekels.

Jerusalem municipality will adorn the holy city with five copies of tasteless fountains, a gift from their Paris colleagues.

Kassam rockets keep landing still closer to a major Israeli city of Ashkelon. One Kassam rocket wounded a two-year old Jewish girl.

December 2007
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