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Leftist attorney general Mazuz jumps on the bandwagon of Justice Minister’s Friedmann increasingly popular drive to limit the limitless powers of activist thugs from Israel’s Supreme Court. Mazuz opposes legislative changes to limit the Supreme Court’s power, but announced that he, too, has repeatedly voiced opposition to Supreme Court’s activism.

Israeli police International Crime Investigation Unit investigates three ultra-left “Jewish” journalists from Israeli media outlet who visited Arab enemy states. According to ICIU, “the journalists jeopardized Israeli security” (Jerusalem Post reports). Oh yeah. We thought Olmert, Peres, and Beilin are national security threats but it appears that Israel is on the verge of annihilation because of the three petty reporters. Police don’t care when scores of Israeli Arab MKs visit the Arab enemy states.

After releasing the laughable intelligence report that Iran halted nuclear weapons program in 2003 succumbing to the international sanctions, the US Administration works to increase the sanctions as the alternative to bombing the Iranian nuclear facilities. Russia and China will oppose new sanctions after the US intelligence declared that Iran has no nuclear program. Why impose so tough sanctions if Iran only develops peaceful nukes?
But if Iran only develops peaceful nukes, why did it expel the IAEA inspectors?

Dichter is so tough with Arabs and conservative Jews, but he canceled a trip to the UK out of the fear of being arrested on Israeli war crimes charges. Europeans are, of course, an example of wartime morality.

Speaking to the EU officials in Slovenia (a backwater European statelet), Israeli FM Livni rejected international involvement in the Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Dare she repeat that in Washington?

Thanks to the Rice bugging Russian with minuscule ABM defenses in Eastern Europe and similarly declarative military means, Russia put its nuclear ballistic missiles back on duty, resumed European flights of nuclear strategic bombers, and now sent its aircraft carrier group into the Mediterranean. Some of the Russian Navy ships will be stationed in Syria.

According to Putin’s associate Sergey Stepashin, Russian-”Jewish” moguls Abramovich and Gaydamak will pay the Israeli government to move from the Russian Courtyard in Jerusalem, and abandon the place to Russian charity which claims succession rights to a century-old monarchic organization. No other country recognized Russia’s right to tzar’s property abroad. Putin finds sadistic pleasure in making the Jews pay the other Jews to give Jerusalem land to Russians.

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