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Though still rejecting the right of Palestinian refugees to return to Israel, Olmert promised Palestinians to aid them in absorbing the refugees. Shimon Peres’ “Peace Center” money laundering outfit estimated the cost of absorption up to 80 billion dollars. As usual, Palestinians will steal most of the money. Israeli leaders, naturally, look to share in the bountiful distribution. Israel recently experienced a major scandal over the dismal living conditions of Holocaust survivors, and Israeli Finance Ministry generously added $20 a month to their pensions. But Israel would always find $80 billion for our good Palestinian neighbors.

Commemorating the infamous 1947 UN declaration which halved the Jewish state to accommodate the Arabs after Britain already took 3/4 of Jewish land to establish a tribal kingdom of Jordan, Olmert cited Ben Gurion’s decision to accept the partition as a precedent for himself doing the same. Ben Gurion, however, acted when Israeli community was extremely weak and fully depended on foreign approval. Modern Israel, a fourth-strongest military power in the world, doesn’t need to retreat into the Auschwitz borders and abandon Judea to Arab enemies.

Olmert refuses to finance bomb shelters for the residents of Israeli north (and south, too) or consider plans for evacuating the people in wars such as the 2006 Lebanese war.
Israeli government constructs a mammoth bomb shelter for itself in Jerusalem, connected by underground railroad to Ben Gurion airport.

December 2007
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