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Young Arab opened fire at the Jews manning a checkpoint near Jerusalem. Friendly Arabs greeted the Jews on armored bus near Kalkilya with Molotoff cocktails. Jewish occupiers arrested two Arab youths with bombs at a checkpoint near Nablus.

Hamas recently filed a petition with the UN to evict the Jews from the entire Palestine.

Barak authorized farther incursions. IDF killed 22 Arab militants in the last week in the expensive air strikes. The total number of Arab militants in Gaza is close to 20,000.

In yet another reversal of Israeli policy, Olmert’s government abandoned the earlier agreement with the Palestinian Arabs to partition Jerusalem and withdraw from Judea. Though the Israeli government approved Annapolis declaration which reaffirms Israeli commitment to the Road Map, Olmert refused to freeze construction in the large settlement blocs in Judea and Samaria; the construction, however, is de facto frozen.
Israel demands that the Palestinian Authority reins in the Arab terrorists and stops incitement before further progress on the Palestinian statehood. Those demands being unrealistic (though reasonable), Palestinian Arabs are left with no hope of statehood in the near future. Abbas’ positioned is undermined, and Palestinians would likely spiral the anti-Israeli violence.
Meanwhile, Israel accepted the US arbitration according to the Annapolis declaration. A truly moronic administration of a Christian state will decide whether Jews have a biblical right to live in Judea. Politically unable to criticize Israeli non-compliance with the settlements freeze promise, and unwilling to confront its Arab allies on that issue, the US Administration would likely shelve the Annapolis statement.

Israel reportedly cut fuel supplies to Gaza by 15% only, so as not to impose collective punishment on the innocent voters of Hamas. In a concerted move, Gaza’s gas stations refused all fuel supplies from Israel, claiming they receive only a quarter of their needs. Such arithmetics presumes that 80% of Gaza’s fuel is distributed directly to customers, bypassing the gas stations. If Gaza’s power station and municipal companies consume 80% of the fuel, then 15% fuel cuts indeed amount to blockade on Gaza’s drivers and an efficient military measure.

Israeli government releases another 429 Palestinian terrorists as a goodwill gesture. Majority of the released terrorists immediately return to the only occupation the know: terrorism. The retarded Israeli government requires the released Palestinian terrorists to sign a declaration promising to never-never engage in terrorism again.
Israeli public has previously opposed the unequal prisoner swaps. Israeli government gave in: no more swaps, just unilateral releases of Palestinian terrorists.

Two people were killed by Kassam rocket fire in the last two years. Four people and two Arabs were killed in car accidents this weekend.

Following in the footsteps of the Russian reformer Peter the Great and Yassir Arafat, Abbas instructed his gangsters to shave off the beards of Hamas members in order to humiliate those deeply religious people. A lesson for Israel, who allows Palestinian convicts to sport their beards even in jail.

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